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Graham TerMarsch
tap2junit - Converts TAP output to JUnit
TAP::Formatter::JUnit - Harness output delegate for JUnit output
TAP::Formatter::JUnit::Result - Wrapper for a TAP result
TAP::Formatter::JUnit::Session - Harness output delegate for JUnit output
Changes for version 0.09
    • Switch from Class::Field to Moose. Thanks to Dave Lambley for the poke, and the patience.
    • Track and report timings for "(init)" and "(teardown)" of the test. Without this, Hudson does not properly report on the total time needed for a test suite (it calculates total time by adding up the constituent tests, not by looking at the <testsuite> "time" attribute).
    • Rewrite internals, switching from a streaming style to an iterative style of processing the TAP. Same results, but easier to work with.

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