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Version 0.01 -- First stable release
Version 0.02 -- Changed my email in the pod docs
Version 0.10 -- Year calculation has been redone to better match Tolkien's.
	This should only break compatibility if you were storing shire dates
	to disk somewhere.
	Some minor changes to the POD to make it format prettier
Version 0.11 -- Added as_string and used it to overload the "" operator.
	Thanks to Michael Schwern for this idea.
	Also, the code Michael sent me got me thinking about the order dates
	were displayed in, and after some thought I decided to change it to
	day then month.  This is a really minor change, but it there.
Version 1.00 -- I have finally got around to making it work correctly (as I
	define correct anyway) for any year, instead of just those near the 
	year 2000.  While almost.  It's still limited by Epoch time to years 
	between 1902 and 2037 (on my system anyway).  I'm planning on making 
	this work with ICAL or Julian Days at some point -- which will really 
	fix this problem.  I have also had it in CPAN for a few months without
	any bugs being reported.  Thus I am bumping up the version to 1.00 
	to signify a stable, non-development release, though for most things 
	you wouln't notice any difference from version 0.11
Version 1.01 -- Fixed a minor bug in calculations, but it should have no
	if you're using this on dates in the unix epoch time range.
	Thanks to Rick Osborne for spotting this.
Version 1.10 -- Fixed 2 bugs in reporting, both from Rene Uittenbogaard.
	First, shire years should always start on Sterday, a fact which
	I missed before.  Secondly, holidays are reporting in the books
	as 2 Lithe or 1 Yule, not as Yule 1 or Lithe 2.
Version 1.11 -- A couple minor fixes here, one thanks to Robert Sim.  
	A couple of events in the month of Solmath were being reported on 
	incorrect dates.
Version 1.12 -- The tireless folks of the cpan testers discovered that the
	test code doesn't work on windows.  I forgot to allow for the 
	differences in epoch time between the two.   This again points to
	the need to use something other than epoch time (hopefully the new stuff), but for now I've just adjusted the test code.