Revision history for Perl extension JavaScript::SpiderMonkey.

0.19 (05/09/2007)
    (tb) Allocate correct amount of memory for scripts that contain UTF-8
         characters with internal UTF-8 flag on. 

0.18 (08/06/2007)
    (tb) Added protection against infinite loops
    (tb) Added support for JS_THREADSAFE

0.17 (27/07/2006)
    (tb) Made sure eval function doesn't produce warnings when script
         variable is uninitialized.
         [was supposed to be part of 0.16 but is actually part of 0.17]
    (tb) Added support for E4X

0.16 (13/06/2006)
    (tb) Added patch initially proposed by marc [at]
         and subsequently modified by Agent Zhang that allows mapped perl
         functions to return varied datatypes back to JavaScript

0.15 (28/02/2006)
    (tb) Rewrote Makefile.PL to work on more platforms

0.14 (12/02/2006)
    (tb) Removed remaining debug info

0.13 (05/02/2006)
    (tb) Removed debug info
    (tb) Made sure Makefile.PL finds libjs if installed in /usr/lib or 

0.12 (12/03/2005)
    (ms) Makefile.PL prerequisite changed from undef to '0'.
    (ms) Thomas Busch added a check to Makefile.PL to find an already
         installed JS lib.

0.11 (08/22/2004)
      * (ms) Added Log::Log4perl dependency in Makefile.PL as suggested
             by an anonymous posting on
      * (ms) Added #define for MSC compiler as suggested in
      * (ms) Roger Crew <> provided patches for
             a clean Win32 compile plus README text on installing the dll/so.

0.10  06/20/2004
      * Nikita Savin <> provided a patch to 
        set $@ instead of printing to STDERR in case of a JS error.
      * Added patch by Chris Blaise <>:
          - Different objects can have the same named function. If no
            object is specified on function_set, it's global.
      * Log4perl in for debugging
      * Chris Blaise submitted a patch to have a perl callback return
        an object to JS. Applied with modifications, longer term we need
        a solution on how the perl callback tells the JS wrapper what's coming
        back: A JS string, an object or an integer.

0.09  02/20/2004
      * Max Maischein added Win32 installation steps in Makefile.PL

0.08  09/19/2002
      * Doc bug fixed, reported by Yoz Grahame.

0.07  09/14/2002
      * Release mgmt changed

0.06  07/10/2002
      * Made M*PL smarter to detect the JS target platform

0.05  06/23/2002
      * Added installation instructions to README.

0.04  06/23/2002
      * Added test case for just setter or just getter
      * Added documentation
      * Updated todo list

0.03  06/23/2002 
      * Added setters and getters for properties

0.02  01/20/2002
      * Fixed properties (get/set)

0.01  01/03/2002
      * Where it all began.

      * setters/getters for arrays
      * Get rid of GLOBAL and the limitation to one instance
      * getter/setter called every time, callback settings checked
        at perl level only
      * Make fixed constants in init() configurable (1000000)
      * Allow for different contexts
      * Rethink function names (by_path, function_set etc.)