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Revision history for Lucene

0.01    2006-04-25
        First version

0.02    2006-09-30
        Added sort.
        Exception handling.
        Added close() method for FSDirectory.
        Close FSDirectory and RAMDirectory at destruction.

0.03    2006-11-14
        Added MultiFieldQueryParser.
        Exception handling for IndexReader.
        Added ability to set Similarity.

0.04    2006-12-08
        Added UTF-8 support.
        Added QueryFilter.
        Exception handling for IndexWriter and QueryParser.
        Enabled global loading of Lucene shared object.

0.05    2006-12-18
        Resolved bug when indexing float or integer numbers in field values.

0.06    2006-12-21
        Exception handling for MultiFieldQueryParser.

0.07    2007-02-03
        Package now requires clucene-core-0.9.17.

0.08    2007-02-09
        Made sure package compiles both with clucene-core-0.9.16a and clucene-core-0.9.17.
        Added huge patch from Scott Beck containing the following:
           - Analysis subclassing
           - common Tokenizer classes
           - Tokenizer subclassing
           - common TokenFilter classes
           - TokenFilter subclassing
           - access to Lucene constants 

0.09    2007-02-16
        Avoid segfault by returning undef when returned string is NULL.

0.10    2007-03-01
        Added possibility to specify boosts in MultiFieldQueryParser.
        Added KeywordAnalyzer.

0.11    2007-03-19
        T_CPP_CLASS OUTPUT typemap returns undef if C++ object is NULL.

0.12    2007-03-23
        Added possiblity to specify stop words in StandardAnalyzer.
        Added toString method to Document class.
        Exception handling for deleteDocuments in IndexReader.

0.13    2007-03-26
        Added deleteDocument, hasDeletions and undeleteAll methods to IndexReader class.

0.14    2007-04-04
        Added RangeFiler.
        Package now required clucene-core-0.9.17 or above.

0.15    2007-04-12
        Added _search method in IndexSearcher for HitCollectors.

0.16    2007-04-18
        Added Explanation.

0.17    2007-08-13
        Solved bug when sorting on two sortfields.

0.18    2007-09-26
        Make sure addIndexes can take more than one Directory