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Tom Molesworth
EntityModel - manage entity model definitions
EntityModel::App - interface to EntityModel admin application
EntityModel::Async - asynchronous helper functions for EntityModel
EntityModel::Cache - base class for EntityModel caching support
EntityModel::Cache::Perl - simple proof-of-concept Perl-level caching layer
EntityModel::Collection - manage entity model definitions
EntityModel::DB - database management
EntityModel::Deferred - value which is not yet ready
EntityModel::Definition - definition support for EntityModel
EntityModel::Definition::JSON - definition support for EntityModel
EntityModel::Definition::Perl - definition support for EntityModel
EntityModel::Definition::XML - definition support for EntityModel
EntityModel::Entity - entity definition for EntityModel
EntityModel::Entity::Constraint - constraint support for EntityModel
EntityModel::EntityCollection - deal with collections of entities
EntityModel::Field - field definitions for EntityModel
EntityModel::Field::Refer - foreign key support for EntityModel
EntityModel::Gather - asynchronous helper functions for EntityModel
EntityModel::Model - base class for model definitions
EntityModel::Plugin - base class for plugin handling
EntityModel::Query - handle SQL queries
EntityModel::Query::Base - base class for EntityModel::Query-derived components
EntityModel::Query::Condition - a condition clause for where, on etc.
EntityModel::Query::Delete - support for SQL DELETE statements
EntityModel::Query::Except - support for EXCEPT set logic
EntityModel::Query::Field - field wrapper
EntityModel::Query::FromTable - FROM table definition
EntityModel::Query::GroupField - GROUP BY fields
EntityModel::Query::Insert - support for INSERT SQL statement
EntityModel::Query::InsertField - field list for INSERT statement
EntityModel::Query::Intersect - intersection set logic
EntityModel::Query::Join - base class for JOIN tables
EntityModel::Query::JoinTable - join table definition
EntityModel::Query::OrderField - define a field for ORDER BY clause
EntityModel::Query::ReturningField - fields returned by a statement
EntityModel::Query::Select - select statement definition
EntityModel::Query::Union - union set operation
EntityModel::Query::UnionAll - union all set operation
EntityModel::Query::Update - update statement
EntityModel::Query::UpdateField - field to be updated in an update statement
EntityModel::Storage - backend storage interface for EntityModel
EntityModel::Storage::Perl - backend storage interface for EntityModel
EntityModel::Storage::PerlAsync - backend storage interface for EntityModel
EntityModel::Support - language support for EntityModel
EntityModel::Support::CPP - C++ language support for EntityModel
EntityModel::Support::Javascript - Javascript language support for EntityModel
EntityModel::Support::Perl - language support for EntityModel
EntityModel::Support::Perl::Base - base class for entity instances
EntityModel::Support::Template - generic language support via Template output.
EntityModel::Template - template handling for EntityModel
EntityModel::Test::Cache - tests for EntityModel::Cache and subclasses
EntityModel::Test::Storage - tests for EntityModel::Storage and subclasses
EntityModel::Transaction - transaction co-ordinator
Changes for version 0.016
    • Another minor update with some code cleanup and preparation for some changes and minor
    • restructuring planned for the next version:
  • Clean up several minor dependency issues (the deprecated EntityModel::DB class was trying to
    • pull in DBI, and the SQL handling has a dependency on Parser::MGC).
  • Enable some additional dzil tests (mainly author tests for compiling modules, testing
    • synopsis code, and the like)

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