Changes for version 3.012 - 2021-04-22

  • New features:
  • automatic connection and queuing is now more reliable, you should only need `await $redis->connected` in a few cases now
  • acess to client-side invalidation events, for implementing observables
  • enable keyspace notifications in cluster mode
  • Bugs fixed:
  • various issues with client-side caching resolved
  • in cluster mode, XREAD could fail due to incorrect node lookup for key (Github #23, thanks to Marc Frank for the patch)
  • the stream read/write lengths were using the same internal key, so any changes to one value would affect the other as well
  • XINFO was mapping to the wrong key in cluster mode, thanks to Eyad for catching and fixing this


mixin that defines the Redis commands available


talk to Redis servers via IO::Async
support for cluster routing
mixin that defines the Redis commands available
represents multiple operations in a single Redis transaction
simple implementation of the Redis wire protocol
basic server implementation
represents a single connection to a server
implementation for database-related Redis commands
represents one subscription
represents a single message