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Aaron James Trevena
Apache::MVC - Apache front-end to Maypole
CGI::Maypole - CGI-based front-end to Maypole
CGI::Untaint::Maypole - Use instead of CGI::Untaint. Based on CGI::Untaint
Maypole - MVC web application framework
Maypole::Application - Universal Maypole Frontend
Maypole::CLI - Command line interface to Maypole for testing and debugging
Maypole::Config - Maypole Configuration Class
Maypole::Constants - Maypole predefined constants
Maypole::Headers - Convenience wrapper around HTTP::Headers
Maypole::Model::Base - Base class for model classes
Maypole::Model::CDBI - Model class based on Class::DBI
Maypole::Model::CDBI::AsForm - Produce HTML form elements for database columns
Maypole::Model::CDBI::FromCGI - Validate form input and populate Model objects
Maypole::Model::CDBI::Plain - Class::DBI model without ::Loader
Maypole::Session - Session related functionality for maypole
Maypole::View::Base - Base class for view classes
Maypole::View::TT - A Template Toolkit view class for Maypole
BeerDB in ex/BeerDB.pm
BeerDB in ex/fancy_example/BeerDB.pm
BeerDB::Base in ex/BeerDB/Base.pm
BeerDB::Base in ex/fancy_example/BeerDB/Base.pm
BeerDB::Beer in ex/BeerDB/Beer.pm
BeerDB::Beer in ex/fancy_example/BeerDB/Beer.pm
BeerDB::Brewery in ex/fancy_example/BeerDB/Brewery.pm
BeerDB::Drinker in ex/fancy_example/BeerDB/Drinker.pm
Changes for version 2.11
    • SVN revision 519
    • Deprecated: Directly accessing the attributes of the request object, or the parameters in $r->params, or anything else, is DEPRECATED and likely to break in future releases. Be good, and use proper method calls. Maypole no longer uses Class::DBI::AsForm, instead Maypole::Model::CDBI::AsForm has replaced it. $config->{$table}{required_cols} is deprecated, please use $class->required_columns instead
    • Incompatible API changes: Maypole
    • is_applicable() deprecated for is_model_applicable(). is_applicable is an alias for is_model_applicable now. Maypole::Constants
    • ERROR constant now 500, previously -1 (bug #18901) Maypole::Model
    • delete and search actions are now deprecated - use do_search and do_delete instead Maypole::View
    • table name rather than moniker is used to find templates
    • API additions and enhancements: Maypole::Application:
    • -Init flag (wishlist 14123)
    • recognises Maypole::HTTPD and installs Maypole::HTTPD::Frontend as its frontend Maypole::Headers: add() alias to push() (wishlist 14142) Maypole:
    • get_session() method (no-op)
    • get_user() method (no-op)
    • get_session() is called during handler_guts() before authenticate()
    • new preprocess_path() method added and called by parse_path(), parse_path() will leave any properties set by preprocess_path() in place
    • start_request_hook() added
    • status() attribute added (though only used by start_request_hook() so far)
    • setup() split into setup(), setup_model(), and load_model_subclass()
    • added new path processing methods for ssl and default table/action
    • added make_path()
    • added make_uri()
    • improved exception handling
    • now uses File::MMagic::XS to guess mime type of output unless already set
    • new component method provides Maypole::Component functionality
    • new object method gets/sets first/only object in objects Maypole::Model
    • do_delete, do_search in place of delete/search actions Maypole::View::TT:
    • new report_error method
    • new embedded error report page in __DATA__ Templates:
    • Improved pager macro/include
    • Improved factory templates
    • added the status() attribute, although it's not used in many places yet
    • Changed factory edit/view to use object instead of objects Maypole::Model::CDBI
    • improved error messages in do_edit action
    • new required_columns mutator method
    • new column_required accessor method
    • Bug fixes: Fix to cgi_maypole.t (bug 11346) Fix to TT error reporting (bug 13991) Template xhtml validation (bug 13975) Apache2 fixes in Apache::MVC (bug 13888) Fixed inheritance issues in Mp::Application - Mp::App now manipulates the caller's @ISA directly, and doesn't inject itself into the chain (bugs 12923 & 14120) Improved Template error reporting (14133) Maypole::Session::generate_unique_id() now returns the id (bug 14124) Moved ar accessor to Apache::MVC (bug 14014) Refactored core to support further development in 2.11 and onwards Fixed related_class() method (bug 14566) Added a cgi() attribute in Maypole::CGI Factory templates now less vulnerable to XSS (bug 16659) Reduced risk of XSS in factory templates (bug 16659) model search/delete methods in model and subclassing the cdbi mode (bug 16661) fixed problems with stringify_self and untaint missing ignore columns (bug 15678) fixed Maypole::Model::CDBI::Plain to JustWork(TM) with plain CDBI Classes (bug 16977) some silent death scenarios resolved Now initializes template_args, stash, parmas, objects and others to correct data type. (bug 15147)
    • Documentation: Fix to documentation for CGI::Maypole (bug 7263) Simplified Net::Amazon example (bug 14073) Numerous major and minor updates to docs. Renamed Maypole::Manual::Request to Maypole::Manual::Cookbook Added Maypole::Manual::Install, with material removed from Maypole::Manual::About Added Maypole::Manual::Inheritance Added Maypole::Manual::Terminology
    • updated Maypole::Manual::View
    • updated Maypole::View:TT Examples of fancy forms and templates using new features
    • Requirements: HTTP::Body now required CGI::Untaint >= 1.26 now required rather than >= 0

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