Revision history for Graph::Easy (formerly known as Graph::Simple):

2008-08-10 v0.64 Tels 2933 tests
  * fix bug #37534 - overwrites input without warning (Thanx C. Khan!)
  * fix bug #37566 - Graphviz (v2.16) output broken (Thanx C. Khan!)
  * fix bug #37842 - typo in README (Thanx Craig Sparks!)
  * fix add_nodes(), would return instead of skipping existing nodes
  * as_graphml:
    + fix #36533: GraphML end tag (Thanx Thiago M. Venancio!)
    + fix indent and endtag of groups (Thanx Thiago M. Venancio!)
    + properly escape special characters in group/graph names
    + add format => 'yED' to output as yED compatible (Thanx to
      Thiago M. Venancio for requesting and testing this!)
  * Groups:
    + nodes added to the group are also put into the same graph as the group
    + add_node('A') etc. (add with non-object) works now
    + add_node('A') returns node, not group
    + add_edge('A','B) and add_edge_once('A','B') work now
  * Graph::Easy:
    + add compatibility methods to mimick the interface of Graph:
	add_edges, add_cycle, add_path, add_vertices, add_vertex,
	set_vertex_attribute, and has_edge
      (Thanx to Matt Spear for requesting this!)

2008-05-22 v0.63 Tels 2895 tests
  * require Perl v5.8.2 (it fails badly on 5.8.1; due to hash order?)
  * add examples/ - thanx integral from!
  * Parser/Graphviz:
    + HTML-like attributes can also appear in lower-case
    + generate the base name for HTML-like nodes from the actual name,
      this allows things like "11 [ label=<<..>> ]\n 11:e -> 1" to work
    + try to handle <font> tags inside HTML-like labels
  * graph-easy: 
    + change default timeout to 240 seconds
    + --version also prints Perl and Graph::Easy::As_svg versions
    + handle UTF-8 output when piping to graphviz renders
  * Base:
    + fix main_class() (caused lost group attributes in graphviz output)
  * Group:
    + class for inner cells is "group gi", not "groupgi"
    + adding a node to a group via add_node() or add_member() also sets
      the "group" attribute on that node
    + add_nodes() correctly registers nodes with the group
  * Node:
    + add get_raw_attribute() as alias for raw_attribute()
  * Attributes: also accept "auto-title", "auto-link" and "auto-label"
  * _class_styles: fix graph class attribute output for SVG
  * Layout:
    + A*: when we can't find a path, warn and continue gracefully
    + A*: raise max. number of tries from 50_000 to 2_000_000
    + make Heap do binary search upon insert, instead of sort upon extract,
      this makes complex layouts much faster because the A* algorithm does
      no longer spent 90% of its time to manage the heap
    + streamline _astar_distance() to be 50% faster
  * as_graphviz():
    + quote "name":"portname" for HTML-like nodes
    + properly output arrows on bidirectional edges that join/split
      (aka no more arrow heads on the invisible helper node)
    + put invisible helper nodes for join/split edges into the subcluster
      if both from/to are in the same cluster
    + fix output of spacer TDs in HTML-like labels for relative nodes

2008-03-30 v0.62 Tels 2813 tests
  * graph-easy:
    + better error handling, now dies on errors in the input text
  * added the following options to graph-easy:
    + --jpg, --ps, --bmp etc.: support a lot more formats for dot
    + --renderer: set the program to render PNG, JPG etc. output
      (to change "dot" to "neato" etc.)
  * Parser:
    + fix autosplitting nodes with "empty" parts like "|  |"
      (was also broken in DOT parsing as the same code was used)
    + don't remove spaces at front of lines to support "\n  || B" 
  * Parser/Graphviz:
    + detect missing "}" at end of file
    + bail out if "digraph {" is found twice in the input
    + better parsing of attributes in scopes (inside "{" and "}")
    + support ".7" (no leading zero) in color notation
    + fix parsing of shape=record labels like "{A||B}"
  * Parser/VCG (also for GDL):
    + "layout_segments" is actually "linear_segments"
    + support "status" attribute for subgraphs
    + support "textmode" attribute for nodes
    + support "orientation" attribute on graphs
    + support "invisible" on nodes
    + handle "colorentry  7: ..." (more than one space)
    + port_sharing, inport_sharing and outport_sharing => autojoin/autosplit
    + fix attribute remapping to go through custom filter
    + strip out \\f- (hor line), \\f01 (colors) for now until we can
      support them for real
    + improve detection of multi-line labels
    + better support for node shapes
    + handle both "0x0c" (aka ^L) and \\f in input
  * as_vcg()/as_gdl():
    + remap flow to orientation for graph flows
    + remap align to textmode
    + output class attributes for edges/nodes
    + support "invisible" nodes
  * as_graphviz():
    + handle "align" attribute on nodes properly
  * unify error handling for unknown attributes
  * remove Build.PL support (updated Module::Build to 0.71)

2008-03-16 v0.61 Tels 2778 tests
  * graph-easy:
    + reject unknown input format specifications
    + support --from_vcg and --from_gdl, too
  * various POD fixes
  * relax rules for custom attributes by also allowing digits anywhere
  * fix bug #32206: Fix for as_vcg.t test failures when disk io is very slow
  * fix bug #31958: Missing methods in Edge class
    + add as_ascii() (and simplify it)
    + add as_txt() stub (require Graph::Easy::As_txt and call _as_txt)
    + add nodes()
    + remove the to_nodes() and from_nodes() POD entries
  * disallow border attributes on edges (it was ignored in all output formats)
  * make it possible to call Graph::Easy->new('[A]->[B]');
  * add: 
    + $graph->copy() - clone the entire graph
    + get_custom_attributes()
    + merge_nodes() takes a third parameter: the string to join the label
      of the second node to the label of the first node (thanx Brad Bowman!)
  * Parser/Graphviz:
    + handle "border: 0"
    + handle graph attributes: maxiter, minquit and pagedir
    + handle edge attribute: weight
    + better parsing of attributes on HTML-like labels (no longer generates
      bogus attribute names like "balign" and warns about unknown ones)
    + convert <BR/> in HTML-like labels to line breaks
    + re-connect edges between nodes with HTML-like labels to the generated
      autosplit parts (formerly, these edges were simply lost)
  * Parser/VGC:
    + attributes like "node.color:" are valid for all following nodes only
  * as_graphviz():
    + suppress style and peripheries for borderwidth == 0

2007-11-19 v0.60 Tels 2700 tests
  * Base:
    + prepend 'Warning: ' to warnings    
  * Graph::Easy:
    + add add_anon_node()
    + _class_styles(): allow extra class names in overlay (for SVG)
    + fix typo in SYNOPSIS (thanx skim!)
  * Graph::Easy::Node:
    + set attributes for origin/offset properly, too, so that get_attribute()
      works for these (Thanx Amanda B Hickman!)
    + allow numbers on custom attributes so "infoname1" in VCG works correctly
  * Parser:
    + warn on nodes with offset, but no origin (Thanx Amanda B Hickman!)
  * Parser/VCG:
    + allow "layoutalgorithm" (Thanx Sid Touati for the report!)
    + handle 'classname 1: "foo"' correctly (Thanx Sid Touati again!)
  * Layout:
    + remove one call to ->attribute() per Node by re-using the shape
    + fix A* boundaries cache: create it if it doesn't exist yet, otherwise
      edges went missing (see t/in/3_cache_bug.txt for an example)
  * as_vcg:
    + output classname attributes correctly (Thanx Sid Touati!)
  * as_graphviz:
    + remap "\c" to "\n" since graphviz doesn't know "\c"
  * Tests:
    + fix test failures in t/graphml.t when second changes while comparing
      as_graphml() and as_graphml_file() output
    + fix test failures with Pod-Coverage v0.19 - a few alias routines in
      Graph::Easy::Node need to have POD replicated from Graph::Easy
    + require Pod-Coverage v0.19

2007-09-10 v0.59 Tels 2686 tests
  * fix test failures in t/graphml.t (oops)

2007-09-09 v0.58 Tels 2686 tests
  * add Graph/Easy/ - output graph as GraphML text
  * bin/graph-easy:
    + make "graph-easy --png input.txt output.png" work
    + fix POD structure for example outputs
    + expand section about conversion limits and problems
  * Parser: speed up all parsers by:
    + making the regexp for empty/commented lines simpler and by combining
      two regexps to replace/remove tabs and 0x0d into one tr// (~ 5%)
    + cache regexps needed for _parse_attributes() as these calls can be
      expensive and occur frequently per graph (~ 10% for Graphviz)
  * Parser/VCG:
    + about 3x as fast by swapping out the matchstack while we are in
      matching multi-line labels. The speedup depends on how many lines
      are in multi-line labels compared to the rest of the graph.
  * Graph:
    + fix rename_node() to work with plain node names
  * Graph::Easy and Graph::Easy::Group:
    + add: root_node(), type()
  * Base:
    + add:
      + catch_messages(), catch_errors(), catch_warnings(), errors(), warnings()
  * Layout:
    + add a stub for force-directed layouts (doesn't work yet)
    + fix bug #29039: hang in path-straighten code (Thanx mperilstein!)
      (also fixes the hang reported in bug #27759)
  * as_html:
    + fix undef warning in Graph/ line 1038

2007-08-12 v0.57 Tels 2673 tests
  * bin/graph-easy:
    + don't die on non-fatal parser errors (good for unknown dot attributes)
    + warn if both --as=txt and --as_foo or more than one --as_foo are given
    + add --stats option: output various statistics about the input graph
  * Graph:
    + add rename_group()
    + rename_node() turns anon nodes into normal nodes (with a name)
  * Graph/Group:
    + add a groups_within() method that returns recursively the contained
      groups up to the specified level (-1 - infinite, 0 => level 0 etc.)
  * Group:
    + fix add_group() when called with a scalar as group name
  * Parser:
    + parse nested groups: "( Outer ( Inner [ A ] ) [ B ] )"
  * Parser/VCG:
    + support for multi-line labels (Thanx Ohad Ben-Cohen for the testcase)
    + work around faulty inputs with unescaped double quotes in labels
      (gconv, I am looking at you!) (Thanx Ohad Ben-Cohen for the testcase)
    + speed up parsing of large graphs by ca. 50% by simplifying regexps
    + add support for \fi065 (ISO-8859-1 characters)
    + support subgraphs (aka nested graphs)
  * Parser/Graphviz:
    + speed up parsing of large graphs by ca. 45% by direct attribute lookup
  * as_vcg:
    + generate classname attribute for edge classes if nec.
  * Attributes:
    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ATTENTION !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The attribute "pointstyle" has been redefined as to make it consistent
    with "arrowshape" and "arrowstyle". The attribute "pointstyle" is now one
    of "closed", or "filled" and the shape can be set with "pointshape" as
    "diamond", "cross" etc.
    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ATTENTION !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  * Misc:
    + fix SYNOPSIS (Thanx Donuvi Tanoga!)

2007-07-22 v0.56 Tels 2650 tests
  * bin/graph-easy:
    + add --version
  * Parser/VCG:
    + support more attributes, remap unknown/unsupported ones to "x-vcg-foo"
  * Parser/Graphviz:
    + allow style="setlinewidth(0.1)" (fractions) in attributes
    + translate unknown or unsupported attributes into "x-dot-foo" style
  * the following methods in Groups/Edges are only usefull during the layout
    phase and are now internal and thus were renamed with an underscore
    in front of them:
    + add_cell, del_cell, clear_cells, cells
  * POD:
    + fix a few typos and duplicate some documentation into the
      various POD files, as well as add some more doc
  * Graph::Easy:
    + add add_nodes(), is_simple(), is_directed(), is_undirected(),
  * Graph::Easy::Group:
    + fix add_nodes(), edges()
    + add edges_within(), has_as_predecessor(), has_as_successor()
  * Graph::Easy::Node:
    + add has_as_predecessor(), has_as_successor()
  * Misc:
    + save a bit memory by not setting default values for edges and nodes
  * Attributes:
    + support "type" for graphs (directed or undirected)
    + support custom attributes named like "x-foo", "x-bar-baz", "x-f-o-o"
  * as_graphviz:
    + use "--" for edges for undirected graphs
    + translate "x-dot-foo" attributes back to "foo", making it round-trip
  * as_vcg:
    + translate "x-vcg-foo" attributes back to "foo", making it round-trip
    + first stab at attribute remapping

2007-05-05 v0.55 Tels 2433 tests
  * bin/graph-easy:
    + as_png and as=png
    + add support for VCG/GDL
    + do not clobber output file if we cannot read input file
    + make --help work under older Pod::Usage versions
    + make "echo '[A]' | graph-easy" work while "graph-easy" outputs help
    + optimize startup to be about 10% faster if we don't have arguments
  * add support for VCG/GDL (Parser/VCG)
  * remove a few stray "use utf8;" in files with no high-bit bytes
    (Thanx Juerd!)
  * add rename_node()
  * Attributes:
    + an unset attribute in a subclass will cause the attribute to be
      looked up in the base class, and not just use blindly the default
      attribute from the base class:
        node { align: left; }
        [ L ] { class: foo; }    # L is be left-aligned and not center!
      Due to the way CSS inheritance works and HTML+CSS is emitted, this
      bug showed only up in as_ascii()
    + properly support \N, \E, \G, \T, and \H in labels, links and titles
    + support \L links and titles
  * as_txt():
    + quote characters like '[' for autosplit nodes, too
    + remove spaces inside autosplit nodes to normalize their text output:
      "[ Some   || test  | B ]" becomes "[ Some || test | B ]"
    + attributes for autosplit nodes were not properly output, especially
      if they were something like "color|" or "red|blue"
  * as_html():
    + fix undirected edges (unitialized warning and edges sticking too close
      to the start node)
    + adjust alignment of the edge arrows by using more relative positioning
    + make the spacing of edges smaller, so they don't inflate node sizes
  * as_graphviz():
    + fix fillcolor on nodes with shape plaintext
    + adjust the linewidth style to not be that overly huge
    + handle fill for nodes with subclasses correctly
  * Parser:
    + support "\]" in node names like so: "[ char\[\] ]"
    + attributes ending in '|' like "color|;" on autosplit nodes were ignored
    + autosplit nodes with the attributes following on the next line had any
      set basename attribute ignored (see t/in/4_bug_basename.txt)
  * Parser/Graphviz:
    + a lone "node:port" did not result in "node" to be created
    + set the graph name as the default graph title
    + handle a semicolon after "}" for subgraphs and graphs
    + handle the variant "graph { A--B }"
    + support the "output" attribute (for the Mediawiki integration)
    + adjust for the changed linewidth styles
    + remove the replacement of \E, \N, \T, \H and \G now that Graph::Easy
      knows these, too. Allows proper roundtrips of these escapes.
  * as_html()/as_svg:
    + setting a colorscheme on the graph and some class color attribute to
      the color "1" didn't result in the real color, but in "color: 1;" in
      the generated CSS code
  * Layouter:
    + fix endless loop in the bend-optimizer due to a swapped X and Y

2007-03-18 v0.54 Tels 2349 tests
  * add some examples to bin/graph-easy
  * fix borders on rounded/circle/ellipse nodes outside groups
  * fix fill on edge class
  * Parser/Graphviz:
    + handle multi-line comments inside attributes
    * handle an unquoted/unescaped "]" inside (HTML-like) attributes
    * handle an multi-line comment followed by space as the last part
  * Attributes: add labelpos (top/bottom) for groups
  * as_graphviz():
    + reinsert the labels on edges

2007-02-19 v0.53 Tels 2342 tests
  * add --timeout=N to graph-easy and set the default to 120 seconds
  * handle "\|" inside nodes properly: "[ A \| B | C ]" works now
  * add MANIFEST.SKIP to enable "make manifest"
  * remove todos/
  * add attribute "comment" for graphs, edges, nodes and groups
  * add support for hsv() and hsl() colors
  * add support for transparency (alpha channel) in colors
  * colors are stored as input (but normalized), fixes the problem that
    hsv() colors in graphviz were converted to RGB and thus lost precision
  * add attribute "arrowshape" for edges, allowing triangle, dot, box, line,
    inv, cross, x and diamond shaped arrows
  * Base: setting a new subclass did not invalidate the cache
  * as_html:
    + use again "position: relative" to shift arrows to the proper place
      (needs to be done for for most edge parts, tho)
    + implement a few more missing edge pieces
  * parser/Graphviz:
    + groups have slightly different defaults in DOT, so set these: (Thanx
      Michael Goldshteyn!)
      + transparent background
      + center aligned label
  * as_graphviz:
    + don't generate needless label attributes
    + compound=true is the default, so we can omit it
    + do not needless quote "#" characters
    + handle fractional fontsizes better, and do not output wrongly "11px"
    + output correct "labeljust" for groups (Thanx Michael Goldshteyn!)
    + HSV colors are now preserved (formerly they were converted to RGB)
    + the alpha channel on colors is no preserved if possible
  * as_html/as_box_art:
    + use LOGICAL AND and LOGICAL OR for open up/down arrows
    + replace open arrows with nicer looking Unicode chars
    + nodes with shape circle, rounded or ellipse are now rendered correctly
      when having a different background color (or when inside a group)
    + don't generate labels for nodes with empty labels (like anon nodes)
    + default fill is white, so set it in CSS for pages with some backdrop
  * Graph::Easy objects are now about 4K smaller (min. size was 6.5K on 64bit)

2007-01-28 v0.52 Tels 2305 tests
  * format INSTALL in POD and add notes about Windows
  * Group::Cell: cache attributes to avoid overly many attribute() calls
  * attribute(): do not call class() unless neccessary
  * Layouter:
    + cache the boundaries of the cells array for A*, avoid excessive
      recalculaion of the used area (make big layouts about 30% faster)
    + fix _optimize_layout() for reversed edges, that finally fixes the
      garbled HTML output
  * as_html(): 
    + "vertical-align: center" must be "vertical-align: middle" - argh!
    + better alignment of arrows on some edge/end pieces
    + insert missing style="..." in all edge pieces (fixes missing group
      backgrounds on some edge cells)
  * remove dead code in Graph::Easy::Node::Empty
2007-01-05 v0.51 Tels 2305 tests
  * bin/graph-easy: add --parse option
  * Parser:
    + fix bug #24133: empty groups were wrongly put on the group stack,
      thus aquiring some of the following nodes (Thanx to Paul Biggar!)
    + allow class selector ".foo { ... }" - set attributes on all objects
      (edges/nodes/groups) of subclass "foo"
    + allow lists of class selectors like ".foo,, group { ... }"
  * as_html:
    + fix joint W_N_S (Thanx Florian Lindner!)
  * as_graphviz:
    + fix wrong output of group fill colors and style (Thanx Paul Biggar!)
    + workaround the inability of DOT to have attributes for all subclusters
  * attributes:
    + setting the attribute "class" on a primary class puts all objects
      without a specifically set class attributes into that class, so:
        node { class: red; } { color: green; }
      colors all nodes without a specific subclass red.

2006-12-17 v0.50 Tels 2273 tests
  * added bin/graph-easy and make the build process install it into the system
    This adds the ability to simple run "graph-easy" from anywhere
  * attributes:
    + textwrap: the default is inherit, to make setting it on a graph work
    + allow "textwrap: N;" to wrap text automatically at N characters
  * Base:
    + add error_as_html() - return error message as escaped HTML
  * Group:
    + add add_nodes() - add multiple nodes to the group
  * Graph:
    + add flip_edges($A,$B); - transpose all edges going from A to B
    + add flow() - return the flow of the graph in degrees
  * Node: 
    + edges() returns all the edges at that node; fix doc for it
    + rename grow() to _grow() to make clear it is a private method
  * Edge:
    + add edge_flow() - return flow of this edge
  * modifying an edge via the following methods did not invalidate the layout:
    + flip(), bidirectional(), undirected(), start_at(), end_at()
  * add a dummy shape() method for groups and group cells
  * as_graphviz():
    + don't output autolabel, rows, columns or group attributes
  * as_html():
    + output linebreaks as simple "<br>"
    + support for textwrap: 10;
  * as_ascii():
    + write our own text wrap routine to replace the buggy Text::Wrap
    + rewrote the border-collapse algorithm, as well as the logic to determine
      if we need to draw a border. This makes nodes next to each other (like
      via autosplit, or with origin/offset) work even when their borders are
      different (like none/solid, dotted/solid etc). (Thanx Nick Jenkins!)
  * Layouter:
    + Rewrite the rank assigning code:
      + for cycles in the graph, the rank assignment code did sort the nodes
        alphabetically and put the node with the "lowest" in the first rank.
        Now it uses the order in which the nodes were defined, thus this:
          [ B ] -> [ C ] --> [ A ] --> [ B ]
        starts now the layout with "B", instead of "A", as humans expect it.
      + use a heap instead of ARRAY, so does less work but is more correct
      + correctly assign user ranks and automatic ranks to nodes
    + the layouter keeps track of where it placed the first node of a rank,
      and then places nodes with the same user-set rank in the same column/row
    + on nodes with more than one edge leading out, where one of the edges
      has a flow, stop the chain tracking there. This prevents the non-flow
      edge to be laid out first if its chain is longer than the flow-edge,
      and thus prevents the non-flow edge from blocking the flow-edge.
    + self-loops were not tried in the right order, unless the flow at the
      node was east (Thanx Stéphane Bortzmeyer!)
    + A*: don't put edge labels on EDGE_CROSS cells as they aren't rendered
      there (Thanx Stéphane Bortzmeyer!)
    + sink-nodes (no outgoing edges) get bigger so that there front side
      is empty, preventing edges going "around" to the front side of the node
    + paths generated by A* have a tendency to in-ward bends, these are now
      removed and replaced by a simple corner, if possible
  * Parser:
    + improve robustness for alternate line endings (\x0d\x0a vs \x0a)
    + a space in front of classes (" name { color: red; }") caused an error
      (Thanx David R. Throop!)
    + allow escaped ";" in attributes as in "{ label: \;\;; }"
    + accidentily allowed "[a]--test -->[b]" (no space before edge label)
    + properly handle non-string attributes like "[A|B] { shape: node|;}"
  * Parser/Graphviz:
    + support "setlinewidth(..)" in style attribute for nodes
    + handle the following color forms correctly:
      + hexadecimal RGB colors with spaces (like "#AA BB CC")
      + HSV() colors ("1.0 1.0 1.0" and "0.0, 0.0, 1.0")
      + colorschemes ("//red" and "/x11/red")
    + first stab at parsing HTML-like labels
    + support for "labeljust" on subgraphs
  * set binmode(STDERR,'utf8') when in debug mode
  * Group: include a modified add_group() to make nested groups work properly
  * add attribute "group" for groups
  * make $self->attribute('group') work on nodes and groups

2006-10-29 v0.49 Tels 2182 tests
  * fixed Synopsis
  * add more modules to t/pod_cov.t and t/pod.t
  * speedup loading: remove _u8() kludge, use utf8 in
  * Node: added get_attribute() as alias for attribute()
  * Completely rework the attributes code:
    + attribute() now always returns the default value, and respects
      inheritance for values that are "inherit". Instead of a hard-coded
      attribute list, we now simple use 'inherit' for default values.
    + 'inherit' is a valid colorscheme and edges, (anon) groups, and (anon)
      nodes have "inherit" as default colorscheme
    + add "autosplit" and "autojoin" for edges
    + accept all attributes with a "-" in their name also without the "-"
      (fontcolor, textwrap etc. are now valid inputs)
    + make default_attribute() work, even when the object is not in a graph
    + default_attribute() uses the info in $attributes to avoid double data
    + add attributes "root" and "rank" for groups
    + del_attribute() now works for virtual attributes like 'border' or 'size'
    + add: raw_attribute(), raw_attributes(), get_attributes()
  * Graph: del_node() didn't deregister a child node from parent
  * support \; and \' (f.i. to escape single quotes if you want a label "''")
  * Start working towards a recursive layouter:
    + separate layout() into layout() (for graph only) and _layout()
    + call edges_into_groups() before layout
    + Group: store cells in {_cells} to avoid clash with {cells} from layout
    + Group: in _layout() set {debug} for groups from parent graph {debug}
  * Parser:
    + make magic detection of Graphviz input much more robust
    + parsing failed silently when there was only one invalid line of input
    + fix parsing of empty groups and/or anonymous groups
    + sort attributes before checking them to make tests more predictable
  * Parser/Graphviz:
    + a new scope start followed by a non-node (f.i. attributes) crashed
      the parser. See t/in/dot/ for an example.
    + recognize (n|ne|e|se|s|sw|w|nw) as compass directions after nodes/ports
    + recognize numbers as node names (like 0.11, 1.0, 0., 1., etc)
    + the ID in "graph ID { }" is optional
    + properly remap headport/tailport for edges
    + make comment parsing more robust, especially against multiple multiline
      comments or multiline comments without spaces around them
    + recognize "setlinewidth(..)" for edge styles
  * as_txt():
    + don't insert superflous newline for empty groups
    + properly output anonymous and empty groups
    + output all attribute names w/o the "-", i.e. "fontsize: 80%;"
  * as_html():
    + properly quote "<", ">" and "&" in labels
    + values of "inherit" work now, even when just set on a class/subclass
  * as_graphviz():
    + output nodes inside groups in sorted order to make tests more predictable
    + add tests for proper colorscheme support
  * attribute "autolabel": 
    + allow and prefer/doc to use just "N" for specifying the length
    + use "…" (ellipse) instead of just three dots (except in as_ascii)
    + allow up to 99999 characters (was 9999)
    + change doc to reflect that a set label will be shortened, too

2006-09-13 v0.48 Tels 2020 tests
  * Parser/Graphviz:
    + handle attribute "URL" (opposed to "url")
    + handle attribute "href" for graph/node/subgraph, too
    + accept "\N" in titles and urls, too  
    + accept "\E" for edges, too (\E is replaced by "Bonn->Berlin" f.i.)
    + accept "\G", "\T", "\H" in labels/urls/titles, too
    + parse HTML entities like &amp; in names/labels/titles/urls
    + fix comment parsing, things like "" didn't work
  * Layout/Repair:
    + fixup the code that inserts edge pieces
    + fixup the code that combines long HOR/VER edges in case the edge goes
      bottom-to-top or right-to-left (the code only expected the other dir)
    + repair JOINT_E_N_S followed by an edge on the right/bottom side properly
  * Edge:
    + fix add_cell() to add a cell _after_ a given cell, not before
      (this fixes those horrible messed up HTML layouts, esp. involving
       groups - Thanx to Florian Lindner for testcases and bugging me! :)
  * as_html:
    + implemented edge type 1031 (joint south to east/west, starting west)
    + CSS class names like "node-group" must be "node_group" to fully work
      (fixes class-attributes on anon nodes etc. not showing up)
    + fix output of group labels on groups parsed from Graphviz
  * as_ascii:
    + render anon nodes, too, since they might have class attributes making
      them visible (fixed t/in/4_node_edge.txt among others)
  * as_graphviz:
    + fix rendering of anon nodes (setlinewidth(0) doesn't work, so use
      style=filled and a color that equals the node background)
    + don't output spurious "flow" for nodes
    + the code to supress edge labels on helper edges was broken

2006-09-03 v0.47 Tels 2013 tests
  * Edge: add end_at(), the opposite of start_at()
  * add node shape 'edge' - render node as a horizontal edge piece
  * add node attribute 'rank' - 'auto', 'same' or positive number
  * multiple spaces in edge labels were not collapsed together
  * class names are case-insentive like in CSS, so we lowercase them on input:
    + as_txt() renders them now unified as lowercase, always
    + "node.SECOND { label: B; } [ A ] { class: Second; }" works now
  * as_txt(): edges going to/starting at the first part of an autosplit node
              are now correctly output: "[A|B] [ AB.0 ] -> [ T ]" now works.
  * as_html(): arrow-style: filled; did not replace all "v" and "^" arrows
  * Layouter:
    + handle _trace_path() called with unplaced src node
    + adding group cells makes it nec. to adjust size of multicelled nodes
    + holes torn after splicing-in group cells where not closed when one
      of the adjacent edge cells was of type EDGE_CROSS
  * Parser:
    + make detection of Graphviz code more robust against commented out text
  * Parser/Graphviz:
    + a scope end did not properly pop the group_stack, resulting
      in nodes getting in the wrong group. t/in/dot/ now
      parses and renders correctly.
    + "The keywords 'node', 'edge', 'graph', 'digraph', 'subgraph', and
      'strict' are case-independent." So we accept that them way.
    + handle the case of "strict digraph G { a -> b }" properly
    + edge [ label=foo ] sets these attributes on edges, not nodes
    + handle "style=dotted" for nodes (as well as "dashed")
    + a "node [ style=invis ]" followed by "node [ style=filled ]" did
      not set following nodes to a visible shape
    + properly remap:
       "arrowhead", "labeljust", "orientation"
    + handle label="\N" for nodes
    + the default arrow style is "filled"
    + attribute values with a "|" inside them got wrongly split
    + attribute values with ']' inside quoted strings like label="[P]" fixed
    + implement parsing records of the form "<p1> A | <p2> B | C">
    + "Bonn":"f1" now creates a node "Bonn", not "Bonn:f1", nor does it fail
    + all boolean attributes are now recognized when appearing without a value
    + handle string concatenation ("foo" + "" +  "bar")
    + handle line continuation (a '\' as last character on line)

2006-08-13 v0.46 Tels 1943 tests
  * Output:
    + add as_debug() and "output: debug"
  * Layouter:
    + fix layout with loops where the root node is part of the loop
      (see t/in/6_split_join_loop.txt for an example)
    + fix warning about uninitialized in line 423
  * Parser:
    + '\[', '\{', '\>' etc inside an edge label work now:
    [ A ] -- \[ A \ ] \<\> --> [ B ]
    + use _unquote() in more places instead of duplicated code
    + allow rgb(10%,0,0.5) for colors, e.g. fractions and mixes
    + allow \" in attributes ala 'label: "\"hello\"";'
    + a comment inside attributes caused the parsing to fail:
	color: 3; # this didn't work
  * Parser/Graphviz handles the following:
    + "root" on a graph 
    + "graph G { init -- _run }" (graph vs digraph, \w+ as node)
    + funky node names: node_0, Köln, "node" etc
    + "subgraph G { .. }"
    + scopes as in "{ node [ color=red ] Bonn -> Berlin }"
    + node list as in "{ a b c } -> u; i -> { j k l }"
    + digraph/subgraph attributes: "subgraph G { style=filled; }"
    + node attribute 'label' no longer crashes the parser
    + attributes without a value ("center truecolor")
    + attributes w/ or w/o ";" at end, w/ or w/o "quotes"
    + "subgraph test { } abc -- test" shouldn't add a spurious node "test"
    + per default, the color scheme is x11 and the graph flows south
    + "a1 -> a2\na2 -> a3" (no ";" at end of line and no spaces in between)
    + undirected edges
    + /* * style * / comments almost everywhere
  * Parser/Graphviz maps/handles/ignores now the following attributes:
    + nodes: shape, peripheries, z
    + graph: ratio, labelloc
    + edge: f, group, style
    + all: style, fontsize, color ("0.99 0.8 0.24", #ff00ff00 etc)
  * as_graphviz():
    + output "rank=0" for root node
    + fix output of headport/tailport for start/end attribute
    + fix the creation of "invisible" joints to joining/splitting edges:
      + created helper nodes no longer conflict with existing node names
      + works for joints as well as splits
      + suppress arrow heads leading to joint
      + works in both east and west direction (aka with flipped edges)
    + start/end: left; (aka relative starting/end side) results in correct
      tail/headport attribute, too
  * as_ascii():
    + fix rendering of graph labels at bottom
    + graph labels wider than the graph make output bigger and work now
  * Attributes:
    + support for different color schemes
      + add X11 and ColorBrewer color definitions
      + add attribute 'colorscheme' for all classes
    + colors are now stored internally as they were written in the input
  * License: include apache-style license for Brewer color schemes
  * Misc: fatal errors produce a stack backtrace only under debug
  * Node: further fixes flow(): properly cache the return value, reduce C&P

2006-07-23 v0.45 Tels 1811 tests
  * we dont need inc/Module/ (this dist has no dependencies)
  * require at least Perl 5.8.1 for proper Unicode support
  * add a Build.PL file
  * fix bug with shared edges and joints (Thanx Florian Lindner!)
  * fix reparing of edge joints that are next to a node inside a group
  * add attribute 'root' for graphs
  * Layouter: if given root node, start there
  * fix "no_index" in Makefile.PL to not include spurious "directory"'s
  * Node: fix flow()
  * as_ascii: fix corners with start/end pieces (add spacing, to make
	      consistent with all other start/end pieces)
  * as_boxart: fix rendering of corner pieces (especially for joints)
  * as_html: render invisible edges truly invisible
  * adding a node with the name '0' and retrieving it via node('0') works now
  * Parser/Graphviz: 
    + 'Bonn' is a valid node name, too ([A-Z][a-z]+) 
    + handle /* style comments */

2006-04-17 v0.44 Tels 1801 tests
  * new/changed attribute:
    + add 'group' for nodes
    + only allow /[a-z][a-z0-9_]+/i for classnames as documented
  * Base: warn() uses Carp::carp instead of plain warn()
  * we no longer need Heap: we have our own el-cheapo Heap class. And it is
    faster, too, todos/big.txt takes 3.6s vs. 4.2s with v0.43 and Heap::Binary
  * Layouter fixes:
    + a short vertical edge starting from a multicell node was rendered as
      horizontal instead
    + an edge sharing an end point with another was generated incorrectly if
      (one of) the other edge(s) was running alongside the starting node (e.g.
      where we could immidiately create a joint and be done)
    + likewise for edges splitting up, if a shared edge runs alongside a node,
      then a joint will be created there immidiately
    + fix bidirectional edges with a joint as start piece
    + Don't warn on edges with no cells (on joints, under debug) about being
      unable to find path
    + improve placement for nodes where their edges share an end point
    + improve placement of nodes for shared edges with labels
  * cleaned up the POD a bit and added a few remarks and notes
  * as_ascii:
    + deal with invisible edges at cross sections
  * as_html:
    + implement joint types with start or end points
  * fix the repair code that handles edges inside groups:
    + repairs more cases
    + is faster by reversing the checks and using grep
    + cut down on copy&paste code
  * Edge/Cell: fix arrow_count() for undirected and bidirectional edges
    + fix bug in class_styles() ignoring base class name for multiple
      classes, affected SVG output
  * Parser/Graphviz:
    + relax parsing of node names (G, GROOVY etc are valid w/o quotes) 
    + allow "graph [ ... ];" (semicolon after attribute section)
    + remap attributes: graph: rankdir; edge: minlen, dir

2006-03-19 v0.43 Tels 1755 tests
  * add attributes:
    + text-wrap: 'auto': auto wrap label, 'none' is the default
    + id: unique identifier for each object (usefull for animation later on)
    + font: comma-separated list of font family names/generic names
    + format: 'none' (no special processing, default) or 'pod' (enables inline
      text formatting ala B<bold>, I<italic> etc)
  * avoid autovivify of ->{edge} in background() and use ->{group}
  * Edge/ set {group} to edge's group to make things easier
  * Layout/ add some pods for the internal routines
  * add more .pm files to t/pod_cov.t and t/pod.t
  * it wasn't possible to set an edge label via a class or subclass:
      edge { label: yes; } { label: no; }
      [ A ] --> [ B ] --> { class: no; } [ C ]
  * as_html:
    + table cells inherit some attributes like "color" from the table, this
      caused all labels to be the same color as the graph if you set a color
        graph { color: red; } ( Cities: [ Bonn ] -- train --> [ Berlin ] )
      Likewise for fill, align, font, font-size etc. These are all fixed and
      tests make sure that this doesn't happen again.
    + fix CSS
      + "vertical-align: center;" has to be "vertical-align: middle;"
      + don't output bogus "flow" attributes
      + don't output spurious edge class "ha"
      + merge classes "ve" and "el" into "el"
      + draw arrows on short hor edges closer to the line
    + graph and edge labels need to use _label_as_html() to properly
      quote "<",">" and "&" as well as have support for \n,\r,\c and \l
    + fill and background color for graphs were swapped
    + do not combine table cells if the returned cell code contains two
      successive cells
    + fix EDGE_S_E + EDGE_START_S
  * as_graphviz:
    + add support for edge styles "double" and "double-dash" by emitting
      "color:color" for the edge
    + add flip() - swap from/to for this edge
    + remove dead code in flow() and fix POD for it
  * Layouter:
    + added a post-layout optimizer
    + compact edges by combining VER or HOR edge cells into one cell
      (fixes overly long edge labels stretching the layout)
    + add a method to grow multiple column/row sizes to accomodate
      a nec. multi-column cell (node/edge), this creates more compact
      layouts with multi-cell objects in them.
    + repairing edges after splicing in groups did not account for joints,
      the joint and the next piece might not belong to the same edge.
      Thanx to Florian Lindner for a testcase.
    + port() did falsely return ("east","0") for "east" instead of
      (undef,undef), causing edges with "start: east" to get wrongly split up
  * Parser: 
    + refactor code to allow easier subclassing
    + require and use Parser::Graphviz on detection of graphviz code
    + allow quoted attributes that contain ";" like: 'label: "bar;baz";'
  * Attributes:
    + clarify rules when to quote, escape and encode
    + only decode %xx for xx between 0x20 and 0x7e (to stop exploits)
  * add Graph::Easy::Parser::Graphviz - parse graphviz text and convert it

2006-02-21 v0.42 Tels 1674 tests
  * add the missing testfiles to MANIFEST
  * add a few examples to the doc
  * remove the static classes "l" (a) and "i" (img) - these can be styled
    by CSS selectors, so there is no need for them.
  * as_html: 
    + use unicode chars for filled/closed arrow heads
    + fix garbled class names on undirected edges (caused by removing "v")
    + fix output of default left-aligned group labels and add test for that
    + output "<br \>" instead of "\n <br \>", because due to
      "whitespace: nowrap;" this did insert spurious spaces before each line
      break, throwing center-aligned labels off-center.
  * as_graphviz:
    + output correct minlen
  * Parser:
    + Reverse the removing of trailing/leading "|" in autosplit nodes,
      introduced in v0.34.
      [|G|] is " ", "G", " ", and not just "G". The unconditional removal
      of leading/trailing empty parts meant you could never have an empty
      trailing part, ever. Fixes also the regression from todos/hash.txt
      no longer working. Adjust doc to reflect this change.
    + add more tests for trailing/leading empty parts.
    + typo: {_chain} vs. {chain} (Thanx Jim Cromie)
    + don't use alarm when under the debugger (Thanx Jim Cromie)
2006-02-05 v0.41 Tels 1670 tests
  * use Module::Install and bundle it in inc/
  * add "point-style: invisible" for very small, invisible nodes - nodes with
    "shape: invisible;" will still have a minimum size.
  * add support for '\l', '\r' and '\c' as line breaks to align individual
    label lines left, right or center
  * as_ascii:
    + support proper alignment on edge labels
  * as_graphviz():
    + fix invisible nodes to not show their label
    + add support for nodes with "shape: point;"
  * t/graphviz.t: reduce the number of unnec. calls to as_graphviz()
  * as_html():
    + use white-space: nowrap; (not "pre")
    + add support for \l, \r, \c and don't include text-align twice
  * Node:
    + remove the unused and undocumented "noquote" param from as_html()
  * Graph:
    + add: add_edge_once(): add an edge from A to B only once
      (Thanx to Florian Lindner for the suggestion!)

2006-01-29 v0.40 Tels 1652 tests
  * add attribute:
    + "invisible" as edge style
    + "minlen"	- for edges (minimum distance in cells)
    + "align"	- alignment for graph, group, edge and node labels
  * General:
    + fix Makefile.PL to work with newer YAML
    + avoid duplicate code when dealing with labels and dimensions
    + empty attribute-parts on autosplit nodes work now:
        [ A|B ] { class: |legend; }
      will put B into class 'legend' and leave the class of A alone
        [ A|B ] { class: legend|; }
      will put A into class 'legend' and leave the class of B alone
        [ A|B ] { class: legend; }
      will put A *and* B into class 'legend'
    + _class_styles(): use correct indent instead of hard-coded '  '
  * Edge:
    * start_port()/end_port(): + remove spaces to normalize result
      + return list in list context
  * Node:
    + add nodes_sharing_end(), is_anon()
    + remove place() from public API (is now _do_place())  
    + allow spaces in set_attribute('size', '9 , 8')
  * Node::Cell:
    + add a group() method to make things like $cell->group() easier
  * Group:
    + is also a Graph::Easy, to inherit from it (for nesting)
    + find right-most cell for label if "align: right"
    + rename find_label_cell() to _find_label_cell() (is internal use only)
  * Graph:
    + add use_class(), and use it instead of hard-coded class names
    + due to bad caching, one couldn't set the node size as class-attribute
    + weaken() is costly and O(N), so avoid it whenever possible.
      Graph creation and destroy are now O(1) again. Creating a graph with
      N nodes and N-1 edges takes (bench/
	N         0.39     0.39	   |  0.40    0.40
                  Create   Destroy |  Create  Destroy
	4000      0.35     0.23    |  0.31    0.12
	8000      0.77     0.68    |  0.61    0.21
	16000     1.91     2.26    |  1.19    0.48
	32000     9.32     8.02    |  2.32    0.78
  * Parser: 
    + add use_class() to use user-provided classes for generated objects
    + referencing an (empty) part of an autosplit node before the autosplit
      node itself would create wrongly a stray node
    + simplify group code ($graph->add_group() does everything nec. already)
    + store labels for autosplit nodes not in the label attribute, but
      seperately. This fixes the problem that you couldn't put a node
      (resulting from an autosplit) into a class and set a label on the
      class - the node would always show the part name as label. In addition
      that fixes the long-standing bug that as_txt() would output stray labels
      for autosplit nodes.
    + parts in an autosplit node are relative to their preceding part, not
      to the first part. This enables setting columns/rows/size on parts
      and the other parts will flow/adjust properly.
    + set the basename property on the first part in an autosplit node,
      enabling proper as_txt() output of it.
  * Layouter:
    + implement the same spacing rules between nodes for end points as
      0.39 did for start points: edges joining up to a node work now
    + only use 3 cells space when there are more than one node sharing
      the same port (was "more than zero")
    + fix a problem when placing nodes without an edge object resulting in
      a crash
    + repair edges outside of groups, as well as edges that end at a corner
    + multi-celled nodes in spliced layouts (e.g. with group fillers) 
      did not preserve their filler-cells correctly
  * as_txt():
    + clean up nodes after output so that a following as_graphviz() does work
  * as_graphviz(): 
    + fix links involving groups: lhead/ltail were swapped 
    + generate shorter invisible node names ("A,south,0" vs "A,south,0,0")
    + do not create invisible joint-nodes when there is only one edge sharing
      the start/end port
    + make "shape: rounded" work (needs "style=rounded,...")
    + support label alignments on groups
  * as_ascii():
    + round corners for shape: rounded (using ' ', instead
      of using unicode characters by accident)
    + support for aligned labels (left|right|center)
  * as_boxart(): round corners for bold/wide/broad etc using spaces
  * as_html():
    + make space below edges smaller, to create more compact layout
    + a color on a group was ignored, resulting always in black group labels
    + finally align the vertical arrows with the edge lines. In Opera 8.5
      under Linux the "v" now gets cut off, but this seems a browser bug.
      Sorry, some of the Opera users!
    + support label alignments (center|left|right)
    + when a class attribute specified the font-size, don't include it at
      at the td (node|edge|caption etc) again
    + edge { arrow-style: none; } did not remove the arrows from edges
    + group cells need '&nbsp;' for IE to show the border - I hate IE bugs :-(
  * error() is now fatal by calling _croak() - no longer do errors in
    attributes go undetected and cause havoc later on. You can use
    $object->no_fatal_errors() (on any object) to supress this.

2006-01-08 v0.39 Tels 1603 tests
  * Graph: fix merge_nodes() to delete node B from group if part of one
  * fix Group:
    + del_edge(): delete edge on id, not non-existant name
    + del_node() & del_member(): drop all edges mentioning the node
    + optimize edges() and nodes() in scalar context
  * Graph: improve handling of "|" in attributes (especially labels)
  * Graph: del_node() and del_edge() also remove these from their group
  * Edge: 
    + add start_at(), start_port(), end_port()
    + fix POD start
  * Node: add nodes_sharing_start(), shared_edges(), has_predecessors()
  * add source_nodes() and predecessorless_nodes() (Thanx to Florian Lindner
     for the suggestion!)
  * as_html(): add "white-space: pre" to the CSS to prevent wrapping of
	       labels with spaces in them
  * as_graphviz():
    + implement edge joints (shared start/end port) via invisible joints
    + handle attributes like labels with embedded newlines
    + output edges from/to groups (subgraphs/clusters)
  * Layouter:
    + allow sharing of end ports (making edges join up on the way
      to the target node)
    + min distance between node is 3, not 2, when there are edges
      that share a start point (to make room for the joints)
    + Layouter: place nodes with a shared start point in the same column/row
      than the others (to render tree-like layouts automatically)
  * multiple attributes for autosplit nodes were broken, when:
    + the attribute did not have a strict check (link, f.i.)
    + there was a newline after the node ala "[A|B]\n { fill: red|green;}
    + the attribute did have a fixed list of words (like "shape")
    (Due to Ron Newmann's question I stumbled over these bugs - thanx!
  * add support for "shape: img;" (Thanx to Ron Newmann for the suggestion!)
    + as_html: use "<img...>" 
    + as_graphviz: use "<<TABLE .. <IMG...>>" 

2006-01-01 v0.38 Tels 1571 tests
  * include the missing 4_flow.txt test files
  * fix POD
  * Parser: attributes on nodes in a node list apply to all nodes in the list
	    up to this point. So:
	[ Bonn ] { color: blue; }, [ Berlin ] { fill: black; }
	    will fill both nodes black, but only color "Bonn" blue.
  * remove unused arrow-code on hor-selfloops
  * as_ascii: draw bidirectional self-loops with two arrows (Thanx Dan Horne!)
  * Layout: fix bidirectional edges created by A* (multi-celled nodes) and
	    the straigh-path shortcut (more than one cell distance)
	    (Thanx to Dan Horne again)
  * Layout: ignore links from/to groups, do them after splicing in group
	    filler cells
  * Attributes: remove direction() and add:
    + _direction_as_number()
    + _flow_as_number()    
    + _flow_as_side()    
    + _direction_as_side()    
  * Graph: remove the unused and wrong angle() method
  * Graph: allow add_edge('Node', 'Node2', 'edge label');
  * Edge: add flow() and port()
  * Node: add flow(), angle()
  * check POD coverage of Graph::Easy::Attributes and As_ascii
  * fix the flow model:
      correctly handle absolut (south/180/east/90/down etc) and relative
      (left/right/front/forward/back), as well as global and local flow
      on a per node/edge basis
  * as_txt(): output the original flow/start/end attribute instead of
	      a converted value ('down' vs 180, 'left' vs XX)
  * Base: add _croak() method
  * Node: growing nodes with edge end/start point restrictions did make
	  the node one to big on each restricted side
  * use constant instead of home-grown "sub CONSTANT() { 1; }"
  * as_graphviz(): output correctly nodes in a group w/o attributes and edges
  * as_graphviz(): support correctly most node border and edge styles,
		   even in combination with fillcolor. Thanx to Ryan Schmidt!

2005-12-27 v0.37 Tels 1533 tests - Sing, sing, sing the birthday song...
  * correctly handle '\\n' in labels/titles
  * Node::Cell: allow 'x' and 'y' as arguments
  * Layout: repair split multi-celled nodes after inserting group fillers
  * Layout: insert short filler edge pieces on spliced edge for
	    group layouts (fixes "holes" at the start and end of edges
	    in ascii layouts with groups)
  * Layout: set smaller minimum-size for group cells at non-corners
  * Layout: grow group fillers to close gaps between nodes in things like:
	    "( Group: [ A ] [ B ] )"
  * Parser: handle "([A]->[B])" (allow empty group name)
  * Parser: don't set group name of '0' to ''
  * Parser: handle "] -> ( ..." (edge from node to group)
  * Parser: handle ") -> ( ..." (edge from group to group)
  * Parser: "...) -> [ A ]" is a group-to-node edge, not node to node
  * add attribute "flow" for edges (per-edge flow)

2005-12-18 v0.36 Tels 1516 tests
  * Parser: add support for node lists on the right-hand side:
    [ Bonn ], [ Berlin ] -> [ Potsdam ], [ Halle ]
  * allow "inherit" for colors
  * Node: fix edges_at_port() to skip edges not starting/ending here
  * Group: fix add_member() and del_member() for edges
  * Group: fix add_node()
  * Node: fix background()
  * Graph: fix default fill for groups in HTML
  * Graph: add_group(): return $group, not $self
  * Layouter:
     + stop chain-tracker at nodes that are grandchildren of the current node
     + grow nodes based on used/free ports (fixes shared ports)
     + grow nodes only in one direction if they have 'rows' or 'columns'
     + shuffle self-loop directions according to graph/node flow
     + A*: no longer cross edges along their flow line (leading to corrupted
	   layouts with multiple crossings in a row)
     + convert edge joiners to joints for shared edges
  * render joints in as_ascii, as_boxart and as_html
  * as_ascii: render no arrows on undirected edges (esp. for selfloops, corners
	      and cross sections)
  * as_html: fix edge color if only "label-color" is set
  * as_html: fix self-loop on east side
  * as_html: render no arrows for undirected edges
  * as_graphviz: output headport/tailport for edges with "start" or "end"
		 (this doesn't seem to work in "dot" at all, sadly :-(
  * as_graphviz: output groups as clusters (subgraphs)
  * do multiple edges from A to B,C,D etc in the order of "B,C,D" instead
    of pseudo-random order

2005-12-10 v0.35 Tels 1483 tests
  * Node: fix parent()
  * allow "$graph->add_group('Name');"
  * render group labels
  * close edge gaps created by inserting group filler cells
  * group label font-size defaults to 0.8
  * fix doc about default font-size (0.8 for edge/group labels, not 0.75)
  * as_html: fix borders of groups without a special class/border
  * as_html: fix content and background of nodes with "shape: point;"
  * as_html: fix group backgrounds (especially with edges and class/non-class
  * as_html: don't need to put text/font attributes on empty (group) cells
  * as_html: fix shapes like "circle" on nodes with a link
  * remove relicts of old group handling code in Nodes/Group Cells
  * use more isa() instead of ref() checks for class names 
  * "class { label: ...; }" was ignored and did not change the label
  * allow: "start: south , 1;" (space before ",")
  * add directions "left", "right", "front" and "back for "start"/"end"
    (these are flow-dependend, unlike "south" etc)
  * add attribute 'autotitle: link;'
  * add attribute 'autolabel: name;' and "autolabel: name, N;"
  * make "autotitle: none;" work
  * document and test that "autotitle: name" on edges will fall back to
    the edge label
  * document and test that a present title will override "autotitle"
  * implement edge-joints:
    + A* will use edges for start cells if they share the same port

2005-12-04 v0.34 Tels 1437 tests
  * as_html: align arrow heads better with the edge line
	     (still breaks sometimes, espc. with edge labels)
  * as_html: implement missing edge corner piece E->S
  * as_html: implement selfloop edge pieces
  * as_html: fix crossings of different edge styles
  * as_html: putting a "fill" or "border" on an node with a link did put
	     these styles on the link, not on the table cell.
  * as_ascii()/as_boxart(): render group borders
  * as_graphviz(): fix arrows on undirected/bidirectional edges
  * A*: compute the working space and disregard cells outside this area
	This prevents the run-away situation in case no path can be found.
  * A*: did not close crossings on edges, getting it stuck in an add-del-add
	cycle until it hit the hard limit of 10000 steps, thus never finding
	the path.
  * A*: find less bendy paths (no inward bend corners anymore)
  * fix a bug in trying placements of nodes, where the node would be
    registered on all potential places, instead of only the final selected
    one. In HTML, the node would thus appear multiple times in the output.
  * Graph: streamline sorted_nodes();
  * Edge: keep edge cells in sorted order (from start to end), and allow 
	  add_cell() to insert a cell into the list (to repair edge-splitting
	  from the group-padding code). Also allows rendering cells in order.
  * Edge: has_ports(): return true if start or ending port of the edge are
	  restricted in some way (attributes 'start' and 'end')
  * Nodes relative to multi-celled nodes did not take into account the size
    of the origin node (when the offset was positive in X and/or Y dir.).
  * add Graph:Easy::Base as base class for common code for all objects
  * add Graph:Easy::Layout::Chain for internal use in the Layouter
  * completely rewrite the chain-tracking code, and the code that generates
    layouts based on the chain info. Handles now bidirectional edges,
    forwad/backward loops and is generally more robust.
  * Layouter: grow nodes by 2 in each direction, instead of 1. This fixes
	      layouts with star-shaped auto-grown multi-celled nodes (try to
	      say this three times fast...) where you have on node at
	      the center. Since nodes are never placed next to each other,
	      growing the node by 1 did not make enough space for all adjacent
  * use diag() instead of printing to STDERR in tests
  * edge crossings with a start/end point had the type check wrong and
    thus could lead to the styles being switched around (HOR vs. VER)
  * Graph: add svg_information()
  * add attribute "basename" to autosplit nodes to make referencing easier
  * add edge attributes: 'start' and 'end' - node starting/ending port to
     specific node ports for specific layouts
  * create Empty nodes for autosplit nodes again (regression)
  * trailing/leading empty parts on autosplit nodes are always removed, so
    "[ |A|B| ]" equals [ A|B ]
  * move _prepare_grid() to Graph::Easy::Layout::Grid and load it on demand
  * autosplit nodes only get an unique ID when their basename doesn't already
    exist, so this now works:

	[ A|B ] { basename: one; } [ C|D ] { basename: two; }
	[ one.1 ] -> [ two.0 ]

2005-11-13 v0.33 Tels 1337 tests
  * simplify group code: Nodes can only be in one group at a time
  * Groups: edges with their to/from nodes in the same group are also
	    added to that group
  * as_html: put correct group class on edge cells, so that they
	     inherit the background from the group  
  * as_html: if nec., output CSS for anon nodes
  * as_html: implement missing corner pieces (W->S, S->W etc)
  * as_graphviz: use "setlinewidth()" to simulate bold, broad and wide borders
  * Node: add size()
  * add a few more examples to the attributes in the doc (for manual)
  * A*: for each start point: calculate distance to each stop point and use
        the lowest one. Fixes tricky layouts with multi-celled nodes.
  * Layouter: implement direction shuffling for multi-celled nodes
  * Layouter: fix code calculating edge end/start points to handle corners
  * update the check for As_svg's VERSION in Makefile.PL
  * don't needlessy import non-existing GROUP_MAX (Thanx to PPI!)
  * Layouter bugfixes:
    + paths with one bend did not check the corner-cell for being already
      occupied, leading to obscuring nodes/edges on that place
    + failing to find a bend path horizontal->vertical, the code tried
      next vertical->horizontal, but did not remove the already tested
      parts, leading to stray edges pieces (poss. obscuring other parts)
  * defining an "offset" and "origin" on an autosplit node caused an endless
    loop in the layouter:
    [ 1 ] --> [ 2|3 ] { origin: 1; offset: 2,3; }
  * Layouter: autosplit nodes w/o edges, and chained nodes caused endless
    loops when placing them. Examples that did hang the layouter:
    + "[1]->[2] [3|4]"
    + "[1]->[2] [3] [4] { origin: 3; offset: 1,0; }"
    + "[1]->[2] [3|4|5]"
  * Parser: referencing a part of an autosplit node before the autosplit node
	    did result in endless loops or crashes. "[1] -> [23.0] [2|3]"
	    works now correctly.
  * Parser: accept "size: 1, 2;" as valid (spaces around ",")
  * Parser: "[1],[2] --> [3]" should result in two edges to [3] (from 1 AND 2)
  * as_txt: "size: X,Y" did make columns and rows appear swapped in output
  * as_txt: output "size 1,2;" instead of "rows: 2; columns: 1;", except when
	    only rows is defined
  * as_txt: quote special chars [";%\x00-\x1f] in attributes on output
  * Graph: added as_boxart_html_file(), _border_attributes_as_html(),
  * Graph: rename border_attributes() to split_border_attributes()
  * added Edge styles: "broad" (0.5em), "wide" (1em), "bold-dash"
  * added Node border-styles: "broad", "wide" and "bold-dash"
  * better support for border-styles in HTML
  * support borders on anon nodes ala "[ ] { border-style: dotted; }"
  * Nodes with "shape: invisible;" are at least 3 chars wide (was: 5)
  * use Carp::confess() instead of Carp::croak() to aid debugging
  * setting "{ border: broad red; }" will set the style ("broad") and color
    ("red"), but leave the width alone
  * use isa('Graph::Easy::...') instead ref() to check for Node/Edge 
  * Edge::Cell: add arrow_count()

2005-11-06 v0.32 Tels 1291 tests
  * as_boxart():
    + use "v" and "^" instead of 0x2227 and 0x2228 for arrows
      (because most fonts seem to not have these characters)
    + border/edge styles "dot-dash" & "dot-dot-dash" use midot instead of "."
    + fix horizontal pieces of dot-dash borders
  * as_ascii()/as_boxart():
    + align point-shaped nodes with edge lines
    + edge-pieces with style "dot-dot-dash" must be at least 6 characters
      wide to properly show the full "..-" style
  * as_graphviz(): fix handling of special characters like [;"] in attributes
  * Parser: accept "offset: 1, 2" (space around ",") as valid
  * Graph: prevent adding of Nodes with no name
  * Graph: can add nodes with name '0'
  * Graph: added del_node(), del_edge(), merge_nodes()
  * Graph: edge(X,Y) returns list of all edges from X to Y in list context
  * Node: add incoming(), outgoing()
  * Node/Edge: setting an attribute resets the size cache to force a re-calc
               (the node should grow/shrink when you change the label)
  * fix an undef warning in Edge/Cell line 713
  * streamline printfb_line() and use it whenever possible
  * Node: more rebust detection of class in set_attribute (no longer depends
	  on blessed class name)  
  * Node: add attribute "rotate"
  * preserve cell sizes after as_ascii()/as_boxart() for next call
    (multiple calls to as_ascii()/as_boxart() in a row did grow node-heights
     by 3 every iteration)
2005-10-30 v0.31 Tels 1171 tests
  * require at least Perl 5.8.0 (we need proper Unicode support)
  * remove unnec. _formatted_label()
  * fix examples in t/fun and t/syntax
  * include newline before first =head1 (Thanx to Ivan Tubert-Brohman!)
  * fix package name in
  * As_ascii: add _u8() (for box-art)
  * add: as_boxart(), as_boxart_file(), as_boxart_html()
  * add examples/as_boxart
  * examples/as_*: input utf8 from STDIN
  * Parser: do a binmode ':utf8' on input files
  * support "graph { output: boxart; }"
  * add some X<> keywords for POD indexing
  * Graph: you can call get_attribute('attribute'), too (the class is now
    optional and defaults to 'graph' if missing)
  * Graph: you can do set_attribute('attribute','value'), too.
  * added attributes:
    + edgeclass for groups
    + font-size for graphs, groups, nodes and edges
    + text-style for graphs, groups, nodes and edges
    + arrow-style: none for edges
  * clarify that "label-color" falls back to "color" if unspecified
  * setting "edge { style: X; }" changes the style for all solid edges to X
  * Node: add parent() - return parent object (group or graph)
  * Parser: throw correct error message for unknown attribute names
  * horizontal straight, non-short edges were missing their arrows
  * as_txt(): fix output of undirected edges (" -- " vs. " -- <")
  * as_txt(): "origin" and "offset" attributes were missing in output
  * handle a label of "0" correctly
  * as_html(): render edge cross sections with the correct styles and colors
  * as_html(): do not output invalid CSS definitions for edges (style, label
	       link, title etc)
  * as_html(): setting a color on a node with a link works correctly now
  * as_html(): 'autolink' and 'link' on edges correctly create links
  * as_html(): 'title' on edges inserts a mouse-over title on the edge label
  * as_html(): remove trailing empty <tr></tr> pairs
  * as_html(): put the "empty-cells" definition inside table.graph
  * as_html(): create links on graph label (caption) if requested
  * as_html(): include the graph label into the table, this looks more
		consistent than the <caption>, which placed it floating above
		or below the graph
  * as_html(): repaired the output of group cells (see t/fun/0131.txt)
  * as_ascii(): do not draw border for nodes with "shape: none;"
  * as_graphviz(): nodes with shape none work now correctly
  * as_graphviz(): color of edge labels falls back to edge color if no
		   label-color is specified (was formerly rendered black)
  * _css_styles(): inplement $overlay support (add custom attributes) and
                   skip the border-attribute generation if it matches $skip
		   (both fixes are mainly for SVG output)
  * setting attributes on Edges/Nodes/Groups invalidates a former layout

2005-09-23 v0.30 Tels 1114 tests - Draw, draw, draw, draw the corners...
  * ascii.t could fail on very slow machines
  * fix pod/t. and pod_cov.t when the Pod::Test modules are not installed
  * fix as_ascii_html() to end with "</pre>"
  * as_html(): do not combine non-empty cells

2005-09-18 v0.29 Tels 1113 tests - Draw, draw, draw, draw the corners...
  * add attribute "label-pos" to class "graph"
  * remove only quotation marks in attributes when they are both at the start
    and end of the text. So "label: 2';" will work correctly now.
  * as_html(): work-around for IE not displaying edge corner pieces
  * as_html(): put caption below graph if label-pos: bottom
  * as_html(): use remap_attributes()
  * as_html(): correctly output nodes with "shape: none;"
  * as_html(): encode ' in links to %27
  * as_html(): do not combine cells with a set border (this produces incorrect
  * as_html_file(): set correct document charset, and <title> tag
  * as_ascii(): output graph label, below or above, according to label-pos
  * as_graphviz(): remap border-styles, add support for border-style: double 
  * as_graphviz(): handle attributes in node, edge and group classes, too
  * as_graphviz(): handle graph attributes: label-pos, label
  * as_graphviz(): skip over graph attributes: gid, autolink etc
  * as_graphviz(): fix output of groups
  * as_graphviz(): fix output of graph border and style: none
  * as_txt(): do not list nodes twice in output of groups with 'nodeclass'
  * Graph: set_attributes() also goes via set_attribute(), e.g. properly
           checking arguments, handling "gid", decomposing "border" into
	   border-(style|color|width) etc.
  * default background attribute is ''
  * drop node shapes:
      egg (looks ugly, and impossible to support except in graphviz and SVG)
      doubleoctagon (already done by "shape: octagon; border-style: double")
  * optimize Graph::Easy::Group::Cell::_set_type, makes complex layouts with
    groups about 10% faster overall
  * remove unnec. routines in Graph::Easy::Group::Cell
  * streamline $graph->groups() in list context
  * Layout: Nodes are not placed next to each other (unless offset: is set)
  * Layout: consider HOR and VER edge pieces running alongside a node as
            potential start fields with penalty
  * Edge/Cell: export EDGE_NO_M_MASK
  * Node: add backgroud() routine that finds out the real background (for
    groups etc)
  * add POD tests via Test::POD (t/pod.t)
  * add POD coverage tests via Test::POD::Coverage (t/pod_cov.t)
  * 100% POD coverage for Nodes, Groups, Edges and Graph::Easy
  * move build/ dir to Graph::Easy::Manual

2005-09-05 v0.28 Tels 1058 tests - Offset, offset, offset, offset the position...
  * fix LIMITATIONS section in POD
  * fix POD in Graph::Easy::Attributes
  * fix testsuite to match reality
  * as_html(): fix output for groups
  * as_html(): combine equal table cells to shorten output (by 10% or so)
  * as_html(): remap "fill" to "background" for classes (especially "graph")
  * as_html(): caption gets graph's background as background

2005-09-04 v0.27 Tels 1058 tests - Offset, offset, offset, offset the position...
  * remove Graph::Easy::Cluster, and overhaul relative-node position code
    + use "[ B ] { origin: A; offset: 2,0 }" to position A relative to B
      (no cluster needed anymore)
    + can position C relative to B, which is relative to A, and so on
    + works correctly with multi-celled nodes
    + update doc for this feature
  * remove "point-style: none" - "shape: invisible;" already does the same
  * remove "point-style: ring" - is: "point-style: circle; fill: white;"
  * add "point-style: diamond"
  * add attribute arrow-style (open, closed, filled) for edges
  * add attribute "fill" (color inside shape) and change notion of "background"
    to the color outside the shape (important change for nodes)
  * add attribute "label-color" for edges
  * attribute "border-style" was accidentily allowed only as "border-shape"
  * remove node styles: box, rectangle (were aliases for "rect"), plaintext
     (was alias for "none")
  * Save memory: Nodes use 638 (vs 770) bytes, Edges 631 (vs 683) Bytes, this
		 makes a big graph use about 10% less memory (and it is
		 generated in about 6% less time) (measured on 32 bit system)
  * fix small nits in Graph::Easy::Attributes
  * define possible values as lists in Graph::Easy::Attributes, removes double
    definitions in both code and documentation that could get out of sync
  * examples/ was broken - thanx to Vagn Johansen for the report!
  * disallow arguments to new(), leave only in:
    * Node: "label" and "name" 
    * Edge: "label", "name" and "style"
    * Parser: "debug"
    * Node::Cell: "node"
  * remove useless subroutine contains() in
  * build/gen_manual: generate doc for group attributes, too
  * build/gen_manual: generate color table from definitions in code
  * build/gen_manual: split attributes into 4 sub pages and add an index
  * build/gen_manual: include sample graphs
  * as_graphviz(): quote reserved words: /(strict|(sub)?graph|node|edge)/i
  * as_graphviz(): quote attribute values with non \w chars
  * as_graphviz(): support for all flow directions (left, right, top, bottom)
  * as_graphviz(): fix colors because dot et. al have a different idea on what
		   color "grey" actually is. This is solved by making checks
		   on attributes on Nodes etc. strict (it converts "red" to
		   "#ff0000" on input) and then outputting the raw RGB colors
  * as_graphviz(): support for bidirectional and arrow-less edges
  * as_graphviz(): add support for different arrow styles (except filled with
		   different fill color)
  * as_graphviz(): support anon nodes properly (rendered invisible)
  * as_graphviz(): correctly handle link, linkbase and autolink attributes
  * as_graphviz(): use graph ID to construct graph name (usefull for imagemaps)
  * as_html(): reimplement output for edges with 4x4 table cells, including
               correct start/end points, label colors. Finally works in all
	       major browsers and looks better than ever :)
  * as_html(): generate graph-table caption from label attribute
  * as_html(): correctly handle multi-celled nodes
  * as_html(): generated links have class 'l'
  * as_ascii(): handle multi-lined labels on edges correctly
  * as_ascii(): invisible nodes are 3x3, not 5x3 in minimum size
  * don't unnec. load "Heap" and "Heap::Fibonacci"
  * Graph: add as_txt_file() as alias for as_txt()
  * add weaken() in Edge::Cell to trigger early DESTROY of graphs
  * move the ASCII code to Graph::Easy::As_ascii and load it on demand
  * Parser: report wrong attribute names/values better
  * Parser: allow '$graph = Graph::Easy::Parser->from_text("...")'
  * Parser: fix parsing of undirected edges with following nodes/attributes
  * Parser: parse "[ A ]\n { ... }" and "[ A ] { ...\n...}" properly
  * Parser/Layout: support undirected (arrowless) edges properly
  * Layout: set proper flags for bidirectional edges (so they are rendered
            correctly (Thanx to Scott Beuker)
  * Layout: stop an endless loop in the chain-backtracking code
  * Layout: set correctly edge label cells on found A* paths
  * setting the attribute 'origin' and 'offset' on a node works now correctly
  * attribute are now strictly checked on Nodes, Edges etc, too
  * fix unitialized warning in Graph::Easy::Layout::Scout
  * fix broken link to EXAMPLES in POD (Thanx Scott Beuker)
  * border_attribute(): return no width if style eq 'double'
  * remap_attributes(): fix handling of 'all' entries for attributes
  * remap_attributes(): add handling of 'undef' to force attributes

2005-08-21 v0.26 Tels 1007 tests - Speed, speed, speed, speed up the code...
  * as_ascii(): render node labels centered, instead on top-left corner
  * as_ascii(): on clustered nodes, collapse borders
  * as_ascii(): output edge labels on VER edge pieces, too
  * as_ascii(): render end/start points on CROSS edge pieces
  * as_ascii(): multi-celled nodes only worked when layout was not completed
  * as_ascii(): crossing between different line styles are rendered better
                than simple '#':

       |       |       |       |       :       H
    ===+=== ###+### ...!... ~~~+~~~ ---+--- ---H---
       |       |       |       |       :       H

  * create shorter self-loops (block only 1 cell/1 port vs. 5 cells/2 ports)
  * add_edge('A','A') works now, and creates only one node object
  * make node attributes "size", "columns" and "rows" really work
  * Node: make edges_to() work correctly with self-loops
  * A*: only cross HOR/VER edges when they have no start/end points nor labels
  * A*: use Heap::Binary (slightly faster) and inline $elem->fields() call
  * Layouter: try to place nodes in chains first near their chain parent
  * Layouter: better fallback strategy upon blocked paths
  * edges with one bend now correctly have their label on HOR piece
  * make attribute checks via Graph and Parser "strict", e.g. it will fail on
    unknown attributes or invalid values
  * fix parsing nodes after attributes like: "graph { color: red; } [ Bonn ]"
  * we do not need to create filler cells unless there are groups, this makes
    generating layouts w/o groups between 10 and 30% faster.
  * color attributes are now stored as '#ff0000' and output as 'red' or
    '#ff0000', depending on output format.
  * Graph: option "strict", on by default, this makes set_attribute() check
           all attributes and their values strict
  * add option "flow" to graphs and nodes: general flow of edges
  * near_places(): takes list of edge types
  * A*: allow last edge piece to cross a horizontal/vertical edge
  * build/gen-manual: generate manual page with attribute descriptions from
		      table in Graph::Easy::Attributes automatically

2005-08-12 v0.25 Tels 885 tests - Speed, speed, speed, speed up the code...
  * $graph->add_edge('A','B') works now and is documented
  * $graph->add_edge('A','B') in list context returns nodes and edge
  * $graph->add_cluster('A') works and returns created cluster object
  * Graph::Easy: timeout(): get/set timeout in seconds for layouter
  * Layout: calculate chains-of-nodes, and lay out path along these chains
	    longest one first. This greatly detangles many layouts.
  * as_ascii(): Drawing line crossings now works. Really! Believe me!
  * as_ascii(): labels on horizontal edge pieces are now included
  * rename "todo/" to "todos/" because case-insensitive OS have problems
           with "TODO" and "todo/"...
  * layout: move the alarm(0) to where it belongs and propagate
            fatal errors to the outside
  * Layout: calculating positions needs an int() to have nodes not fall
            between the cell-grid
  * Node: move the assignment to {id} into new(), so that subclasses
          like Graph::Easy::Edge etc get a unique ID, too
  * use Scalar::Util's weaken so that the Node's references back to their graph
    do not prevent the graph from being freed
  * Upon DESTROY, reset the appropriate fields in node/edge objects, so they
    can be reused safely in other graphs
  * A*: fixed an endless-loop in the path-backtracking code
  * adding node clusters as well as managing them is now easier
  * No longer uses Graph. We store nodes/edges in a hash in Graph::Easy object
    as opposed to the Graph object. In addition we store per-node the edges
    this node is involved in. This all results in less code, great speed and
    memory improvements (see bench/no_graph.txt): v0.25 uses only about 50% of
    the memory as 0.24!
    Even the testsuite is much much faster, despite the new tests:
     0.24: Files=23, Tests=820,  5 secs ( 4.37 cusr +  0.50 csys =  4.87 CPU)
     0.25: Files=23, Tests=859,  4 secs ( 2.37 cusr +  0.31 csys =  2.68 CPU)
    Loading Graph::Easy now takes less time & memory, too (output from top):
           VIRT  RES  SHR 
     0.24: 8252 5712 1444 
     0.25: 5840 3376 1432 

2005-08-07 v0.24 Tels 820 tests - Fix, fix, fix, fix the bugs...
  * node attribute: "point-style" - set style for nodes with "shape: point"
  * remappig of attributes can take code-ref for special handling
  * A*: create crossings, and proper edge end/start pieces, fix bias
  * Graph::Easy POD: add note to add_edge() about multi-edges
  * correct POD in Graph::Easy::Node::Cell
  * Graph::Easy::Edge->new( label => 'foo' ); did not work
  * remap_attributes(): suppress empty attributes (fixes as_graphviz)
  * as_graphviz: suppress "border-style" on edges and nodes
  * as_graphviz: properly remap edge attribute "style"
  * as_graphviz: do not include class as attribute in output
  * as_graphviz: fix broken comment (graphviz uses //, not #)
  * as_graphviz: default node settings are included in class "node"
  * as_graphviz: escape '"' (double quoting char) to avoid issues with node
		 names like '2"'. Also avoid quoting plain node names when
  * as_graphviz: output nodes with their name, not their label
  * as_graphviz: multi-edged graphs work now correctly
  * as_ascii: implement rendering of nodes with "shape: point"
  * as_ascii: render edges with style 'bold'
  * as_ascii: properly render edge pieces without gaps
  * as_ascii: render edges seemless (".-.-.-.-" vs. ".-.--.-.-.-")
  * as_ascii: render all combinations of edge pieces and start/end points
  * as_svg_file: did not pass $self to _as_svg(), inducing a fatal failure
  * Parser: drop support for parsing reversed edges ("<--"), this never
	    worked reliable and made parsing of normal edges with labels
	    much harder and error-prone due to ambigitous cases.
  * Parser: fix parsing of bidirectional edges
  * Parser: fix parsing of edges with labels containing "-", "[" etc
	    (edges labels can now contain any character unescaped except ">",
	    which must be escaped with "\" as "\>")
  * Layouter: weed out positions for a node that are too close to a successor

2005-07-31 v0.23 Tels 765 tests - Fix, fix, fix, fix the bugs...
  * update POD to reflect that the overall placement strategy is now better
  * warn on broken Graph 0.66
  * t/parser.t: sort edges on label to avoid hash key ordering tripping us up
  * sorted_nodes(): use "name" as second field if a non-unique first field
                    sorting was requested (like sorted_nodes("layer"))
  * _near_places() works correctly on multi-cell nodes and add a
    parameter $d to it, so that the distance can be adjusted by the caller.
    It can also return direction of place from/to node via third paremeter.
  * Layout/Scout: removed _find_path_u_shaped() (use A* instead)
  * cleaned up path finding/scoring/handling code
  * EDGE_SHORT_N vs EDGE_SHORT_S to be 0,1,2,3 in order E,S,W,N
  * self-loop paths (from A to A) correctly set EDGE_LABEL_CELL on the HOR
    edge pice
  * finding paths is now slightly faster:
      self-loop : 20,000 tries/s (vs. 15,000 tries/s)
      short edge: 74,000 tries/s (vs. 21,000 tries/s)
  * Paths with one bend now have always the correct edge piece.
  * Placement of node with two predecessors in a straigght line was wrong
    (instead of trying to place the node in the center, it placed it 1/2
     the distance to the right/bottom - Thanx to Scott Beuker for providing
     a testcase!)
  * as_ascii(): align the different edges better
  * as_ascii(): the border is now drawn into a framebuffer, this makes it
                possible for collating borders or to have "border-top: none"
  * Edge are nown drawn seemless, except these pieces:
    In addition, the seems break sometimes on edge styles "- ", "= ", ".-"
    and "..-" due to non-alignment.
  * move color checking/converting code to Graph::Easy::Attributes
  * check border-styles against list of valid names
  * as_ascii(): added the ability to have different pieces for corners
  * as_ascii(): border styles 'wave' and 'dot-dot-dash' have now two different
                vertical characters, rendering these borders now like:
    *~~~~~~~~* +..-..-..+
    {  Test  { |  Test  |
    }  Node  } :  Node  :
    *~~~~~~~~* +..-..-..+
  * border-style: double-dash:
    #= = = = #
    "  Test  "
    "  Node  "
    #= = = = #
  * edge style: double-dash: "= = = >"
  * Graph::Easy::Attributes and tests for it
  * Node: is_multicelled()
  * Graph: is_simple_graph(), debug()
  * A* implementation to find arbitrary paths (even with multi-celled nodes)

2005-07-13 v0.22 Tels 686 tests - Fix, fix, fix, fix the bugs...
  * Edge/Parser: edge style '~~' (wave)
  * Layouter: assign layers, process nodes sorted by layers
    (fixes the '"[B] [A]->[B]" being laid out different from "[A]->[B]"' bug)
  * remove needless new()
  * Makefile.PL check for As_svg was borked
  * add columns(), rows(), grow(), connections()
  * add _assign_layers()
  * sorted_nodes() takes 1 or 2 optional field names to sort on
  * _near_places() moved into Graph::Easy::Node, make it multi-cell aware
  * started laying down the foundation for multi-celled nodes support

2005-07-10 v0.21 Tels 605 tests - Fix, fix, fix, fix the bugs...
  * As_graphviz: default nodes to filled, fontsize 11
  * As_graphviz: quote attribute values if nec.
  * As_graphviz: remap attribute names (background => fillcolor etc)
  * As_graphviz: output edge attributes
  * As_txt: use remap_attribute()
  * Easy: add remap_attributes(), as_svg_file(), as_ascii_file()
  * Easy: fix POD for add_node(), rem doc about add_vertex(), vertices()
  * Easy: add_node() returns newly added node and copes with ("name")

2005-06-25 v0.20 Tels 589 tests - Fix, fix, fix, fix the bugs...
  * put SVG code into a seperate package, see there for CHANGES
  * add some details to POD
  * border-style "dotdashed" renamed to "dot-dash"
  * added border and edge-styles: "dot-dot-dash", "wave"
  * make "border" set the attributes border-width, border-style, border-color
  * as_txt(): output "border" as it used to, even though only
    /border-(style|width|color)/ exist now
  * as_txt(): sort attributes by name on output to make it more predictable
  * as_ascii(): render border styles: double, wave, dot-dash, dot-dot-dash
  * as_ascii(): render edge styles: wave, dot-dash, dot-dot-dash
  * as_html(): fix overly big circles on labels with line breaks
  * as_html(): fix edge style on edges with labels
  * Easy: add_edge() returns the newly added edge
  * Parser: handle edge styles "~~" (wave), ".-" (dot-dash) and "..-" (dot-dot-dash)
  * Parser: recognize all official W3C color names from SVG spec as input
  * Parser: reject invalid colors and node shapes
  * Parser: allow 'Graph::Easy::Parser->from_file(...);'
  * Parser: improve POD
  * Node: streamline attribute() and title()

2005-06-12 v0.19 Tels 573 tests - Shape, shape, shape, shape the nodes...
  * moved manual and Pod2HTML to Graph::Easy::Manual to avoid dependency
    on Pod::Simple
  * Graph/ add seed(), randomize(), as_ascii_html()
  * Graph/ rem stray debug print in add_edge()
  * fix POD about limitations, multi-edges are possible since v0.18
  * Parser: allow GLOB and similiar things as file to from_file()
  * Easy: add/del of clusters/groups invalidates the current layout
  * as_ascii(): fix output of nodes with "border: none;"
  * as_ascii(): implement border "dashed;", "dotdashed" and "bold"
  * Easy: add _framebuffer(): generate empty framebuffer for as_ascii()
  * Easy: make _framebuffer() twice as fast
Renamed to Graph::Easy:

2005-06-11 v0.18 Tels 573 tests - Shape, shape, shape, shape the nodes...
  * renamed from Graph::Simple to Graph::Easy
  * small cleanups (bumping $VERSIONS, remove unnec. error() routines etc)
  * fix =begin graph/end graph in doc/manual/*
  * Graph::Easy::Pod2HTML and examples/pod2html support outputformat,
    especially "html" and "src,html"
  * fix Graph::Easy::Pod2HTML to work almost (the graphs still appear
    somewhat out-of-order in the output...)
  * forgot to include doc/manual/index.pod
  * add one more test for ASCII rendering of autosplit nodes (with hole)
  * Parser: do not create empty nodes on autosplit clusters
  * re-factor code to allow multi-edges (more than one edge from A to B)
  * add tests for multiedges
  * call "_correct_size_$format()" if possible
  * As_svg: add _correct_size_svg() for Nodes and Edge/Cells
  * As_svg: correctly center text for node labels
  * As_svg: draw hor/ver lines for edges
  * As_svg: draw arrow heads for edges
  * As_svg: include a comment with edge type and source/target node
  * As_svg: fix position/size for nodes with shape diamond/circle/ellipse
  * _prepare_layout() expands cells sizes to maximum column/row size
  * Node: add shape()

2005-05-29 v0.17 Tels 559 tests - Edge, edge, edge, edge towards the node...
  * rename examples/txt2ascii to examples/as_ascii
  * fix examples/as_ascii to actually work
  * add examples/as_html
  * add complete manual (doc/manual/*) and doc/gen_manual to generate HTML
    version of the manual
  * add Graph::Simple::Pod2HTML
  * include tests for different node shapes
  * suppress attribute "shape" in HTML output
  * as_html: for "shape: invisible", output empty table cell
  * as_html: for shape rounded and circle, use moz-rounded-border
  * as_html: treat "\n" in edge labels properly
  * as_svg: handle shape: invisible
  * as_svg: fix output for "shape: rounded;"
  * as_svg: fix general output to be valid
  * as_txt: output [ name ], not wrongly [ label ]
  * as_ascii: node size depends on label, not name
  * as_ascii: handle multiline labels correctly
  * as_ascii: avoid framebuffer underruns on certain layouts
  * added Graph::Simple::Cluster - list of relatively positioned nodes
  * Node  : added add_to_cluster(), origin(), cluster(), relpos(), place(),
  * Node  : allow label => 'label' to be passed to new()
  * Node  : move as_graphviz() to
  * Node  : _correct_w() to _correct_size() and pass it the format name
	    (ascii, svg etc)
  * Simple: amended LIMITATIONS in pod
  * Simple: added output_format(), output(), cluster(), clusters(),
  * Parser: support clusters and autosplit nodes like "[ A |  | B || C ]"
  * Parser: remove multiple spaces in node names to normalize them
  * Parser: fix parse_error() and add tests for that
  * Layout: make layouter more robust (better placement of nodes)
  * Layout: finally find paths with one bend properly
  * Layout: move pathfinding code to Graph::Simple::Layout::Scout
  * Layout: move path management code to Graph::Simple::Layout::Path
  * Layout: find path loops (from one node back to same node again)
  * Layout: find U-shaped paths
  * Edge  : add styles for EDGE_x_y (x = N/S, y = E/W)

2005-05-17 v0.16 Tels 426 tests - Make, make, make, make the invisible nodes...
  * forgot to include
  * Note other formats in NAME and SYNOPSIS sections
  * As_svg: small cleanups

2005-05-16 v0.15 Tels 422 tests - Make, make, make, make the invisible nodes...
  * load the As_*() modules on-demand
  * fixed NAME in As_graphviz
  * add basic support for node shapes
  * Node: add del_attribute(), as_svg(), title()
  * Parser: check attributes more closely
  * Parser: support [] for anonymous, invisible nodes
  * added Graph::Simple::Node::Anon
  * Graph: move code to prepare layout from as_ascii() to _prepare_layout()
    since it can be reused by as_svg()
  * as_html: deal better with empty graphs
  * as_graphviz: default node shape is rectangular
  * Node: successor/predecessor did corrupt nodes w/o a graph
  * Node: add _reset_id() for testsuite
  * require Graph 0.65

2005-04-11 v0.14 Tels 354 tests - Lay, lay, lay, lay out the edges...
  * add experimental graphviz output
  * require Graph 0.61

2005-02-12 v0.13 Tels 345 tests - Group, group, group, group the nodes...
  * shorten CSS considerable (especially for graphs with groups)
  * fix CSS for Opera/Firefox for vertical edges
  * fix node-borders for Firefox/Opera by inserting dummy cells at each row

2005-02-07 v0.12 Tels 345 tests - Group, group, group, group the nodes...
  * register groups with the graph when adding them
  * Parser: parse attributes on groups like: "( Group [ Node ] ) { ... }"
  * Parser: parse attributes on edges like: "[ 1 ] -> { ... } [ 2 ]"
  * Group: handle attribute "nodeclass" - put nodes into that class
  * Node: handle attribute "group" - puts node into that group
  * Node: query "node.class" from graph before trying just "node"
  * Node: convert literal "\n" in label/name to "<br>"
  * Layout: padd around all cells with filler cells (to make group backgrounds
    really work)
  * Layout: cleanup on group output
  * as_txt(): output attributes of a group
  * add Graph::Simple::Node::Cell, Graph::Simple::Group::Cell
  * moved Graph::Simple::Path to Graph::Simple::Edge::Cell
  * Graph: shorten HTML output by combining table cells with colspan=X
  * Graph: use CSS child selectors to shorten classnames (and remove
    class='fill' or class='' from output)
  * Graph: as_html(): fix IDs on labels, lines etc
  * Graph: fix layout code for edges with labels: no longer needs position:
    relative, allows better copy&paste and is not garbled on scrolling
  * support custom template name
  * simplifiy and generalize t/simple.t
  * always run test files under -w
  * don't use warnings (for older perls)
  * remove needless routines in subclasses of "Node"
  * use Test::Differences if t/ascii.t fails

2005-01-31 v0.11 Tels 294 tests - Close, close, close, close the ugly holes...
  * Parser: add parsing of groups like in "( Groupname [ Node ] )"
  * Parser: fix for "[1] -> [2] -> [3] { ... }" to not lose attributes on 3 
  * Parser: can now handle "[1], [2], [3] -> [4]" correctly
  * Parser: cut out rendundant parsing code
  * Graph: add group(), add_group(), del_group(), groups()
  * Graph: fix css(): 'link', 'label' and 'title' do not need to appear in CSS
  * Graph: suppress default attributes from groups, too
  * Graph: close "holes" in "arrows" (edges) with line-height & letter-spacing
  * Graph: inherit background from page, no border as default
  * Graph: as_html() - remove trailing empty tags for shorter output
  * Node: add group(), groups(), add_to_groups()
  * Node: rename as_txt_node() to as_pure_txt(), document it
  * Node: add label() and the handling of the label-attribute
  * Node: support "label" as property in autolink/autotitle
  * Node: as_txt(): no need to quote ":" and " " in attribute values
  * Node: as_html(): quote " " in URLs
  * Move as_txt() to to reduce code size
  * Group: keep nodes indexed by their name
  * Group: fix as_txt() to quote group name, and include nodes
  * Group: fix: add_nodes() did include the group itself by accident
  * include examples/base.css for output of
  * fix examples/syntax.tpl to have a non-scrolling menu
  * add command-line dirnames to
  * include t/fun/ - fun with graph-examples
  * added Graph::Simple::Path and refactored Edge code - an edge now only
    knows as_txt(); The other two, as_html() and as_ascii() are handled by (for each element of the edge seperately)
  * more syntax examples

2005-01-24 v0.10 Tels 248 tests - Color, color, color, color the pretty graph...
  * added more stress/syntax tests
  * fix parser to not treat colors in attributes as comments (like in
    "color: #808080")
  * use a pre-compiled regexp to match edges (cut down code-duplication)
  * parser now handles successfully node chains like:
    [ Ulm ] -> [ Lahn ] -> [ Bonn ]
    -> [ Trier ]
    [ Stein ] -> [ Wahns ]
  * fix edges() in list context to actually work
  * require Graph v0.55 (to be safe)
  * Node: add attributes_as_txt(), as_txt_node() to allow $graph->as_txt() to
    output node attributes only once
  * Graph: as_txt(): output node attributes only once
  * Graph: add set_attribute()
  * examples/ generate headlines from comments in input, add footer
  * Graph: support attributes: linkbase, autolink, autotitle, link, title
  * Graph: as_html(): output title attributes, as well as links

2005-01-12 v0.09 Tels 147 tests - Place, place, place, place the pesky nodes...
  * Layout: try to place node with only one predecessor around the predecessor
  * add a stress test with a star-shaped graph (5 nodes)
  * add a syntax test with newlines and one without any spaces
  * Parser: accumulate left-over fragments to parse examples broken by newlines
  * Parser: use compiled regexps for nodes, attributes etc
  * Parser: finally handle trailing attributes on nodes
  * Node: add set_attributes() for setting multiple ones at once
  * Node: setting attribute "class" will set subclass instead
  * add tests for parsing:
    [ node ] { attribute: value; }
    [ node ] { attribute: value; } -> [ node2] { attribute: value }
  * fix edges going to the left
  * tests for quoting in node names

2005-01-10 v0.08 Tels 133 tests - Fix, fix, fix, fix the stupid bugs...
  * grapher tries to place nodes without any incoming edges into first column
    (this fixes all the examples which have groups of not-connected nodes)
  * in HTML, use monospaced font for edges (prepare for box-art)
  * Layout: set error if layout stage fails
  * Edge: add EDGE_N_E, EDGE_N_W, EDGE_N_E_W etc for corner pieces
  * Edge: add clear_cells()
  * make _trace_path() more general by having _trace_straight_path() creating
    the edge types
  * Node: as_html(): no longer outputs 'style="border: none"' for class="edge"
  * Node: include attributes in as_txt() as well as classes (for subclasses)
  * Node: add class()
  * Graph: always register nodes/edges with the graph
  * Graph: as_txt() includes attributes (unless they are the defaults)
  * Node: postpone calculation of 'w' (called by as_ascii() from Graph)
  * add a stress test with a bend edge

2005-01-09 v0.07 Tels 124 tests
  * Parser: ignore empty lines
  * Parser: unquote all special chars, not only the first 
  * Node: quote node name in as_txt()
  * Parser: _parse_attributes();
  * Graph: added attribute(), set_attributes()
  * Graph: added id() to set/get a unique ID per graph
  * Graph: default ID is '', CSS code contains ID in class names
  * Parser: teach it to parse CSS and call $graph->set_attributes() 
  * Edge: output name in as_txt()
  * Layout: use strict, fix _trace_straight_path()
  * t/layout.t: add tests for _trace_straight_path()
  * Layout: simplify _trace_path() by using _trace_straight_path()
  * Layout: can trace straight edges occupying multiple cells

2005-01-08 v0.06 Tels 94 tests
  * fix version in Layout
  * Edge: add cell_type(), add_cell()
  * fix pod with "=end graph" (vs. "=end") sections
  * fix error message in t/ascii.t when reading file fails
  * fix parser: did not add edge if both nodes already existed
  * Layout: add _trace_straight_path() - trace a path horizontal/vertical
  * Layout: add _remove_path() - remove a traced path
  * tests: add t/layout.t, t/syntax/*
  * add examples/, examples/syntax.tpl to create automatic
    syntax test page for website
  * Parser: add reset() and call it from from_text()
  * Parser: handle quoted characters in node names
  * Parser: handle comments

2005-01-03 v0.05 Tels 87 tests
  * fix special paragraphs in pod to use =begin instead of =for
  * typos in pod
  * some more clarifications for LIMITATIONS
  * move the layout code to Graph::Simple::Layout
  * add a testcase with two not-connected node-pools in one graph

2005-01-03 v0.04 Tels 84 tests
  * change code to work with Graph 0.50
  * require Graph 0.50
  * added: -- a group of nodes
  * added: examples/, examples/ and TODO
  * tests: use strict;, add t/edge.t
  * Parser: document the different edge directions and styles
  * Parser: construct edges with the proper style
  * Parser: allow '..>' style
  * Node: 
    + document successorts()/predecessors(), as_txt(), as_html()
    + implement as_html($tag)
  * Graph:
    + _trace_path() can also trace short, straight paths upwards
    + as_txt() uses $edge->as_txt() to render edge
    + as_ascii() generates proper output for edges with the right style
    + as_ascii() no longer generates trailing whitespace on lines
    + add css(), as_html_page(), html_page_footer(), html_page_header()
    + extend documentation, fix typos, add list of limitations

Renamed to Graph::Simple:

2004-12-29 v0.03 Tels 52 tests
  * is a subclass of Graph::Directed, so add it as prereq again :o)
  * Graph::Layout::Simple::Parser - parse graph from text
  * Graph::Layout::Simple::Edge - an edge between two nodes
  * Graph: added node() -  find node by name
  * Graph: add quite some more documentation
  * Graph, Node: added as_txt()
  * Node: added incoming(), and track incoming edges from other nodes
  * added t/parser.t - test text parser
  * added t/ascii.t - parse various text files to ascii

2004-12-28 v0.02 Tels 20 tests
  * added a stack-based, backtracking layout routine, that stuffs nodes and
    paths between them into cells
  * as_ascii: deal with cell-layout and convert this to ASCII
  * add doc stub for METHODS
  * add score(), as_XXX() do layout if it hasn't done before
  * revised code, and better parameter handling
  * no longer needs Graph::Directed or Graph::Layout::Aesthetic as prereq
  * added examples/
  * forgot to add graph.t to MANIFEST

2004-12-27 v0.01 Tels 18 tests
  * original version; created by h2xs 1.23 with options
    -A -X -n Graph::Layout::Simple -b 5.6.1 --skip-autoloader