2006-01-28 v0.18 Tels 20 tests
  * require Graph::Easy 0.40
  * fix an unquoted bareword in Graph.php (Thanx Mutante!)
  * fix Makefile.PL to work with newer YAML

2005-12-18 v0.17 Tels 20 tests
  * require Graph::Easy 0.36
  * remove all "\n" from returned HTML output, because Mediawiki insists
    on inserting <p></p> for ever N lines or so, destroying the output
  * fix typo in graph.cfg.sample

2005-12-10 v0.16 Tels 20 tests
  * require Graph::Easy 0.35
  * require Config::Tiny 2.02
  * add PNG support via dot/neato
  * add config file support (graph.cfg)
  * put generated files into sub directories to avoid millions files-per-dir
  * quote parser error output to prevent HTML accidents

2005-12-04 v0.15 Tels 13 tests
  * require Graph::Easy 0.34
  * require Digest::SHA1 2.10
  * warn on not-installed or outdated As_svg
  * fix SVG output: create an SVG file in images/graph and embed it
    via an OBJECT tag. The file name is an SHA1 of $graph->as_txt().
  * describe cpansign --verify in README better (Thanx Mutante!)
  * skip right number of tests if Graph::Easy::As_svg is not installed
    (Thanx Mutante again!)
  * fix output on Special::Version page (escape $ to \$)

2005-11-06 v0.14 Tels 11 tests
  * require Graph::Easy 0.32
  * use utf8:decode() on incoming text, to make non-ASCII input work
  * remove debug support 

2005-10-30 v0.13 Tels 9 tests
  * require Graph::Easy 0.31
  * allow "boxart" as output mode
  * put STDOUT into ':utf8' mode (for utf-8 output)
  * do not add spurious linebreak in Special::Version page

2005-09-23 v0.12 Tels 9 tests
  * require Graph::Easy v0.30
  * fix SVG output (leading \n and empty lines were garbled by MediaWiki)
  * avoid double line numbers double line numbers in error messages
  * support the output-attribute on graphs like in "graph { output: html; }"
  * include TODO, note that SVG output still garbles the page (but less so)

2005-09-18 v0.11 Tels 7 tests
  * require Graph::Easy v0.28
  * remove unnec. "\n" after CSS and HTML code in output, this created
    ugly empty spaces below and over the graph
  * propagate error messages back so that the editing user can see them

2005-09-04 v0.10 Tels 7 tests
  * fix tests to run on Windows
  * require Graph::Easy v0.27
  * include version on the special page

2005-07-14 v0.09 Tels 7 tests
  * include our Credits on Special::Version
  * require Graph::Easy v0.22

2005-06-25 v0.08 Tels 7 tests
  * set an ABSTRACT for CPAN
  * require Graph::Easy v0.20
  * skip SVG tests if Graph::Easy::As_svg is not installed

2005-06-15 v0.07 Tels 7 tests
  * use Graph::Easy v0.19 now
  * support output format SVG
  * die() on unknown output formats

2005-03-11 v0.06 Tels 5 tests
  * add (c) note to Graph.php
  * include CHANGES
  * require Graph::Simple v0.14

2005-01-25 v0.05 Tels 5 tests
  * fix the dumb typo in Graph.php
  * graphcnv: no need to remove spaces from lines - a tad faster now

2005-01-24 v0.04 Tels 5 tests
  * rewrote as extension
  * graphcnv: takes no longer unused directory parameters

2005-01-12 v0.03 Tels 5 tests
  * further cleaning of Graph.php - and pass outputmode to graphcnv
  * graphcnv: take outputmode and return HTML or ASCII (wrapped in pre)
  * graphcnv: use Taint mode for security

2005-01-11 v0.02 Tels
  * fixed patch (relative to ., not wiki, thanx Omega!)
  * fixed README up a lot (Thanx again, Omega!)

2005-01-07 v0.01 Tels
  * first try