Revision history for Perl extension Statistics::MaxEntropy.

0.4  Fri Jun 26 21:41:41 1998
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.16
	  at that time named Stat::ME
0.5  ... Jul 3 9:32:00 1998
	- first version uploaded to CPAN
0.6  Tue Jul 13 12:00:12 1998
	- improved by adding input files that work
	- extended the POD
	- migrated package to object oriented perl
	- placed the reading and writing of candidates outside
	- better handling of constant features and features that make
	  trouble for Newton's method (in IIS)
	- dumping and undumping of event space (using Data::Dumper by 
	  Gurusamy Sarathy)
	- removed the info sub (obsolete because of the dumping facility)
	- documentation adapted for oo interface
	- adapted for new options (and removed the option
	  for information files which is now obsolete)
	- added Monte Carlo sampling of the the event space
	- added support for enumeration (for small event spaces)
0.8  Tue Oct 18 12:00:12 1998
	- added sparse vector module: with interface very much
	  like Bit::Vector
	- and are configurable for choosing between
	  Statistics::SparseVector and Bit::Vector.
0.9  Sun Nov 21 20:03:21 1998
	- enumeration of event space no longer stored in memory
	- implemented Newton iteration (IIS) according to (Abney 1997)
	- removed support for Bit::Vector; SparseVector runs the show now
	- SparseVector and MaxEntropy support sparse integer vectors now