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1.0.6 - Fixed - wasn't exporting what it needed to use subs correctly.
1.0.5 - Minor synopsis correction pointed out by Bob Wilkinson.
1.0.4 - Someone smacked me upside the head with a perl module book and the 
        advanced perl programming book.  After reading a couple of chapters on
        modules, I was displeased to learn that my module was probably 
        considered a hack.  Therefore I have gone through and made changes to
        File::MkTemp so it is written in as correct PERL form as I could make
        it.  I hope that if it is still considered a hack someone will
        tell me.

        During the time of the changes to MkTemp I decided it would be fun to
        learn how objects work in PERL.  What better way than to write a module
        that is object oriented:)  I now introduce MkTempO, an object oriented
        version of MkTemp.

        The MkTemp module got the mkstempt function which returns the file 
        handle and the scalar representation of the file handle.
1.0.3 - Minor Changes. 
1.0.2 - Changed from File::Spec::Functions to File::Spec->catfile.  This allows
        backward compat for older File::Spec module.
        Added mkstemp() function that returns an open file handle.
        Corrected $keepgen = 0 to $keepgen == 0 at the next stmt.
1.0.1 - Started using File::Spec to create the directory/tempfile string.
        This is better so that the function can be used on different os.
1.0.0 - First release to public.  mktemp() function.