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pinto - manage a Pinto repository
App::Pinto - Command-line driver for Pinto
App::Pinto::Command - Base class for pinto commands
App::Pinto::Command::add - add local archives to the repository
App::Pinto::Command::clean - remove orphaned distribution archives
App::Pinto::Command::copy - create a new stack by copying another
App::Pinto::Command::delete - delete a stack
App::Pinto::Command::edit - change stack properties
App::Pinto::Command::index - show the index for a stack
App::Pinto::Command::init - create a new empty repository
App::Pinto::Command::install - install stuff from the repository
App::Pinto::Command::list - show the packages in a stack
App::Pinto::Command::manual - show the full manual for a command
App::Pinto::Command::merge - merge one stack into another
App::Pinto::Command::new - create a new empty stack
App::Pinto::Command::nop - initialize Pinto and exit
App::Pinto::Command::pin - force a package to stay in a stack
App::Pinto::Command::props - show stack properties
App::Pinto::Command::pull - pull archives from upstream repositories
App::Pinto::Command::stacks - show available stacks
App::Pinto::Command::statistics - report statistics about the repository
App::Pinto::Command::unpin - free packages that have been pinned
App::Pinto::Command::verify - report archives that are missing
App::Pinto::Command::version - show version information
Changes for version 0.045
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