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Jeffrey Ryan Thalhammer
pinto-admin - administer a Pinto repository
App::Pinto::Admin - Command-line driver for Pinto
App::Pinto::Admin::Command - Base class for pinto-admin commands
App::Pinto::Admin::Command::add - add your own distributions to the repository
App::Pinto::Admin::Command::clean - remove all distributions that are not in the index
App::Pinto::Admin::Command::create - create an empty repository
App::Pinto::Admin::Command::list - list the contents of the repository
App::Pinto::Admin::Command::mirror - get all the latest distributions from a remote repository
App::Pinto::Admin::Command::remove - remove your own packages from the repository
App::Pinto::Admin::Command::verify - verify that all the indexed distributions are present
Pinto - Perl distribution repository manager
Pinto::Action - Base class for Actions
Pinto::Action::Add - An action to add one distribution to the repository
Pinto::Action::Clean - An action to remove cruft from the repository
Pinto::Action::Create - An action to create a new repository
Pinto::Action::List - An abstract action for listing packages in a repository
Pinto::Action::List::All - Action that lists all the packages in a repository
Pinto::Action::List::Conflicts - Action that lists conflicted packages in a repository
Pinto::Action::List::Foreign - Action that lists all the foreign packages in a repository
Pinto::Action::List::Local - Action that lists only the local packages in a repository
Pinto::Action::Mirror - An action to mirror a remote repository into your local one
Pinto::Action::Remove - An action to remove packages from the repository
Pinto::Action::Verify - An action to verify all files are present in the repository
Pinto::ActionBatch - Runs a series of actions
Pinto::BatchResult - Accumulates exceptions and status from an ActionBatch
Pinto::Config - Internal configuration for a Pinto repository
Pinto::Distribution - Represents a Perl distribution
Pinto::Exception - Base class for Pinto exceptions
Pinto::Exception::Args - Exception classes used by Pinto
Pinto::Exception::DuplicateDist - Exception class used by Pinto
Pinto::Exception::IO - Exception class used by Pinto
Pinto::Exception::IllegalDist - Exception class used by Pinto
Pinto::Exception::Loader - Exception class used by Pinto
Pinto::Exception::Lock - Exception class used by Pinto
Pinto::Exception::NoAuthor - Exception class used by Pinto
Pinto::Exception::Unauthorized - Exception class used by Pinto
Pinto::Index - Represents an 02packages.details.txt file
Pinto::IndexManager - Manages the indexes of a Pinto repository
Pinto::Locker - Synchronize concurrent Pinto actions
Pinto::Logger - A simple logger
Pinto::Package - Represents a single record in the 02packages.details.txt file
Pinto::Role::Authored - Something that has an author
Pinto::Role::Configurable - Something that has a configuration
Pinto::Role::Loggable - Something that wants to log its activity
Pinto::Role::PathMaker - Something that makes directory paths
Pinto::Role::UserAgent - Something that fetches remote files
Pinto::Store - Storage for a Pinto repository
Pinto::Store::VCS - Base class for VCS-backed Stores
Pinto::Store::VCS::Git - Store your Pinto repository with Git
Pinto::Store::VCS::Svn - Store your Pinto repository with Subversion
Pinto::Util - Static utility functions for Pinto
Pinto::Util::Svn - Utility functions for working with Subversion
Changes for version 0.017
  • Enhancements:
    • The "add" and "remove" commands for pinto-admin[1] can now read
    • arguments from STDIN. When doing so, it filters out things that
    • look like comments and blank lines. This makes it easy to pipe in
    • the output from a find[1] or dzil[1] command.
    • You can also specify arguments to the "add" command as URLs,
    • and Pinto will fetch them for you. (Suggested by Tim Bunce).
    • The "list" command now accepts a --type option, which will show
    • you either all packages, only local packages, only foreign
    • packages, or only local packages that block a foreign package.
    • (suggested by George Hartzell and Meg Green).
    • The "add", "remove", and "mirror" actions now accept a --message
    • option, which will be prepended to the VCS commit log that Pinto
    • generates (suggested by Jan Vogel).
    • Added "nocolor" command line option.
  • Interface Changes:
    • pinto-admin[1] is now zero-conf (at least, by default). However,
    • you must now specify the --repos for every command. Also, some of
    • the options for pinto-admin have been removed for safety, and are
    • now in the repository-specific configuration file (see below).
    • This helps to deter you from doing things that contradict the
    • usual behavior of your repository.
    • Each Pinto repository now has its own configuration file, which
    • governs its basic behavior. The configuration file is generated
    • with default values when you run the "create" command. This
    • allows you set up multiple repositories, each with a different
    • behavior and VCS store.

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