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Jeffrey Ryan Thalhammer
pinto-admin - administer a Pinto repository
App::Pinto::Admin - Command-line driver for Pinto::Admin
App::Pinto::Admin::Command - Base class for pinto-admin commands
App::Pinto::Admin::Command::add - add local distributions to the repository
App::Pinto::Admin::Command::create - create a new empty repository
App::Pinto::Admin::Command::list - list the contents of a stack
App::Pinto::Admin::Command::manual - show the full manual for a command
App::Pinto::Admin::Command::nop - initialize Pinto and exit
App::Pinto::Admin::Command::pin - force a package to stay in a stack
App::Pinto::Admin::Command::pull - pull distributions from upstream repositories
App::Pinto::Admin::Command::stack - manage stacks within the repository
App::Pinto::Admin::Command::statistics - report statistics about the repository
App::Pinto::Admin::Command::unpin - free a packages that have been pinned
App::Pinto::Admin::Command::verify - report distributions that are missing
App::Pinto::Admin::Command::version - show version information
App::Pinto::Admin::DispatchingCommand - Base class for pinto-admin commands that redispatch to subcommands
App::Pinto::Admin::Subcommand - Base class for pinto-admin subcommands
App::Pinto::Admin::Subcommand::stack::copy - create a new stack by copying another
App::Pinto::Admin::Subcommand::stack::edit - change stack properties
App::Pinto::Admin::Subcommand::stack::list - show stacks (or their contents)
App::Pinto::Admin::Subcommand::stack::merge - merge one stack into another
Pinto - Curate a repository of Perl modules
Pinto::Action - Base class for all Actions
Pinto::Action::Add - Add a local distribution into the repository
Pinto::Action::List - List the contents of a stack
Pinto::Action::Nop - A no-op action
Pinto::Action::Pin - Force a package to stay in a stack
Pinto::Action::Pull - Pull upstream distributions into the repository
Pinto::Action::Stack::Copy - An action to create a new stack by copying another
Pinto::Action::Stack::Create - Create a new empty stack
Pinto::Action::Stack::Edit - Change stack properties
Pinto::Action::Stack::List - List known stacks in the repository
Pinto::Action::Stack::Merge - Merge packages from one stack into another
Pinto::Action::Stack::Props - Show stack properties
Pinto::Action::Statistics - Report statistics about the repository
Pinto::Action::Unpin - Loosen a package that has been pinned
Pinto::Action::Verify - Verify all distributions are present in the repository
Pinto::Config - Internal configuration for a Pinto repository
Pinto::Creator - Creates a new Pinto repository
Pinto::Database - Interface to the Pinto database
Pinto::Exception - Base class for Pinto exceptions
Pinto::IndexCache - Manages indexes files from remote repositories
Pinto::IndexWriter - Write records to an 02packages.details.txt file
Pinto::Locker - Synchronize concurrent Pinto actions
Pinto::Logger - Record events in the repository log file (and elsewhere).
Pinto::PackageExtractor - Extract packages provided/required by a distribution archive
Pinto::Repository - Coordinates the database, files, and indexes
Pinto::Result - The result from running an Action
Pinto::Role::Configurable - Something that has a configuration
Pinto::Role::FileFetcher - Something that fetches remote files
Pinto::Role::Loggable - Something that wants to log its activity
Pinto::Role::PackageImporter - Something that imports packages from another repository
Pinto::Role::PathMaker - Something that makes directory paths
Pinto::Role::Schema::Result - Attributes and methods for all Schema::Result objects
Pinto::Schema - The DBIx::Class::Schema for Pinto
Pinto::Schema::Result::Distribution - Represents a distribution archive
Pinto::Schema::Result::Package - Represents a Package provided by a Distribution
Pinto::Schema::Result::Prerequisite - Represents a Distribution -> Package dependency
Pinto::Schema::Result::Registration - Represents the relationship between a Package and a Stack
Pinto::Schema::Result::Stack - Represents a named set of Packages
Pinto::Schema::Result::StackProperty - Represents stack metadata
Pinto::Statistics - Report statistics about a Pinto repository
Pinto::Store - Base class for storage of a Pinto repository
Pinto::Store::File - Store a Pinto repository on the local filesystem
Pinto::Tester - A class for testing a Pinto repository
Pinto::Tester::Util - Static helper functions for testing
Pinto::Util - Static utility functions for Pinto
Changes for version 0.040_001
    • This is a developer release for alpha testing the stacks feature.

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