Changes for version 0.052

  • Important:
  • This version of Pinto is not compatible with repositories that were created with prior versions. The way that archives and indexes are stored on the filesystem has been made simpler and faster. If using Pinto::Server, you'll need to upgrade that too. Contact if you need a migration path for an existing repository.
  • New Features:
  • Now supports a Revert action, which restores the stack to a prior revision. This is light-weight form of version control.
  • Now supports a Log action, which displays the history of changes to a stack.
  • Each action that changes the state of the repository now requires a commit message. You can pass this into the API, or it will prompt for one via your editor.
  • Other Changes:
  • The Index action is no longer supported. Now that each stack has its own index file, I see no need to have this Action.
  • Orphaned archives are now automatically cleaned whenever you do an Add or Pull action with dryrun enabled.
  • Now requires Dist-Requires-0.008, which fixes some test failures on some platforms.
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