Changes for version 0.066

  • Your MUST uninstall both Pinto and App::Pinto before installing this.
  • For local repositories, you'll need to have App::Pinto 0.066 or later.
  • This release is not (yet) compatible with any Pinto::Server.
  • Bad news: This version of Pinto is not compatible with *existing* repositories. To migrate, you'll need to create a new repository (using this version of Pinto) and then "pull" all the distributons from your old repository into the new one. Repeat this process for each stack. Unfortunatley, you will loose your revision history. If you bug me about it, I'll write a script to automate this for you. I am
  • Good news: This version of Pinto has hooks to do future migrations automatically. So any repository you create with *this version* of Pinto can be easily migrated to any future versions. I'm also pretty confident that the schema is now stable, so a migration will not be required for a while.
  • Switched from using Archive::Tar to Archive::Extract. The latter will attempt to use tar(1) to unpack the archive, which works much better with older archives. This is a bit slower however. If you don't have tar(1), it falls back to using Archive::Tar internally.
  • Switched from using HTTP::UserAgent to HTTP::Tiny. This cuts out one non-core dependency. But some of Pinto's upstream dependencies probably still use HTTP::UserAgent, so the net effect is moot.
  • The version control subsystem has been completely redesigned. Pinto now stores full snaphots of the stack at each revision and organizes them in a directed graph, much like Git does. Each revision is now identified by a unique non-sequential identifier.
  • The interface with the terminal has been completely redesigned. You'll see fewer (but hopefully better) diagnostic messages when running in verbose mode. And if not verbose, then you'll see a progress meter. If you still want to see all the gory details, then set the PINTO_DEBUG environment variable.
  • The logger has been completely removed, so Pinto no longer records diagnostic messages. Recording them never proved to be useful anyway. All the important changes to the stacks are still recorded in the revision log though.
  • Several Action classes have been added, removed, renamed, or repurposed. The specifics are not described here because the Pinto API is still private. See the change log for App::Pinto for a description of all the public interface changes.
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