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Changes for version 0.084_01

  • When pulling, Pinto now takes the first satisfactory package that it finds among the upstream repositories, rather than taking the latest one. This only matters if you specify multiple upstream repositories. To get the old behavior, use the new --cascade option on the "pull" and "add" commands. Thanks @hesco for helping me sort this out.
  • The "version" command has been removed. Now that all Pinto components ship together, they all have the same version number. So there is no need for a special version command. If you want to know what version of pinto you have, just use the --version option.
  • Author IDs must now match /^[A-Z]{2}[-A-Z0-9]*$/. In other words, two ASCII letters followed by zero or more ASCII letters, digits, or hyphens. If you use lowercase letters, they will be automatically forced to uppercase for you. This was done because cpanm relies on author IDs following the PAUSE convention. I had hoped that Pinto could be more liberal about author IDs, but it seems we must conform so that we can cooperate with the rest of the toolchain.
  • The --no-history repository configuration is no longer supported. This feature was experimental and the use case hasn't proven to be valid.
  • The names of those kind souls who generously helped finance Pinto through the crowdfunding campaing on Crowdtilt are now listed in Pinto::Manual::Thanks.
  • Pinto::Server (a.k.a. pintod) will abort the action if it looses the connection with the client. So, for example, you can press Ctrl-C in the middle of pulling a long chain of dependencies into a remote repository and the server will immediately stop and roll back the entire transaction.
  • The progress meter is now visible when using a remote repository. The progress meter is never shown when --verbose or --quiet is set, or when STDERR is not connected to a terminal.
  • The "install" command can now be used on a locked stack, but only if the --do-pull option is not given. If you want to pull packges while installing, then you must unlock the stack first. Thanks Jeremy Marshal.
  • The "install" command can now be used on a remote repository that has basic HTTP authentication enabled. Beware that cpanm does not sanitize passwords from its log messages. I'm working with miyagawa to fix that.
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