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Changes for version 0.0995

    • The argument for the "init" command is now the repository root instead of the stack name. This makes the interface more convenient and more familiar to git users. You can still specify the root using the global --root option if you like. And the initial stack name can be set with the --stack option.
    • All the new command listed below are experimental. The interface and behavior is subject to change. See the POD in each command for details.
    • The "update" command pulls the latest version of packages. You can ask to update all packages or just specific ones.
    • The "merge" command joins the history of two stacks together. At the moment, it is only capable of fast-forward merges.
    • The "reset" command moves the head of the stack to a prior revision, thereby discarding all subsequent revisions.
    • The "revert" command creates a new revision that matches the state at a prior revision.
    • The index file for each stack now contains artificial records for each module that is included in the target version of perl. This allows installers to cope with requests to install core modules, which normally aren't present in a Pinto repository. If you pull a dual-life module, it will mask the artifical records. The artifical records never appear in a stack diff or listing.
    • NOTE: This change will take effect the next time you perform any command that modifies the state of the stack.
    • The "install" command threw an exception with a misleading error message when using the -m option without --do-pull. Now, both the -m and -M options are silently ignored when --do-pull is not used. Fixes GH #145 (thanks, @hartzell)
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