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Jeffrey Ryan Thalhammer
Pinto::Manual - What Pinto is, and how to use it
Pinto::Common - Common modules for the pinto-* utilities
Pinto::Constants - Constants used across the Pinto utilities
Pinto::DistributionSpec - Specifies a distribution by author and path fragments
Pinto::Meta::Attribute::Trait::Postable - Trait for marking attributes as something to POST
Pinto::PackageSpec - Specifies a package by name and version
Pinto::Role::Attribute::archive - Something that has a distribution archive attribute
Pinto::Role::Attribute::author - Something that has an author id attribute
Pinto::Role::Attribute::format - Something that has a format attribute
Pinto::Role::Attribute::norecurse - Something that has a norecurse attribute
Pinto::Role::Attribute::out - Something that has an output handle attribute
Pinto::Role::Attribute::package - Something that has a package attribute
Pinto::Role::Attribute::path - Something that has a distribution path attribute
Pinto::Role::Attribute::pausecfg - Something that has a pause config attribute
Pinto::Role::Attribute::target - Something that has a target attribute
Pinto::Role::Attribute::username - Something that has a username attribute
Pinto::Role::Attribute::version - Something that has a version attribute
Pinto::Role::Interface::Action - Base interface for all Actions
Pinto::Role::Interface::Action::Add - Interface for Action::Add
Pinto::Role::Interface::Action::Clean - Interface for Action::Clean
Pinto::Role::Interface::Action::Import - Interface for Action::Import
Pinto::Role::Interface::Action::List - Interface for Action::List
Pinto::Role::Interface::Action::Mirror - Interface for Action::Mirror
Pinto::Role::Interface::Action::Nop - Interface for Action::Nop;
Pinto::Role::Interface::Action::Pin - Interface for Action::Pin
Pinto::Role::Interface::Action::Purge - Interface for Action::Purge
Pinto::Role::Interface::Action::Rebuild - Interface for Action::Rebuild
Pinto::Role::Interface::Action::Remove - Interface for Action::Remove
Pinto::Role::Interface::Action::Statistics - Interface for Action::Statistics
Pinto::Role::Interface::Action::Unpin - Interface for Action::Unpin
Pinto::Role::Interface::Action::Verify - Interface for Action::Verify
Pinto::Types - Moose types used within Pinto
Changes for version 0.038
    • Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed the 02-authorable test, which would fail if you had a
    • ~/.pauserc file.

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