Thomas Orgis
and 1 contributors


  • txdbaseline - shift a data set down to have the baseline at zero, including optional limiting of undershoots
  • txdcalc - text data calculations
  • txdcolumns - get specific columns out of textual data files
  • txdconstruct - text data construction
  • txdcontract - contract a data file by computing the mean over n input rows to produce one output row
  • txdderiv - compute derivative of data sets using central differences
  • txdextrema - find maxima/minima in textual data files
  • txdfilter - filter textual data files
  • txdfromafors - Hacky tool to convert AFORS-HET (photovoltaic cell simulation) output to usual columns of textual data. Filters STDIN to STDOUT. Due to AFORS-HET appending data to the end, the whole input is buffered, but that should not be an issue for the moderate size of the 1D data.
  • txdfromtcad - Hacky tool to convert DF-ISE xyplot data to usual text data. Filters STDIN to STDOUT. The parser is not very smart, it is modelled exactly after the format that TCAD produces.
  • txdhistogram - create histogrms of textual data files
  • txdinfo - some information on textual data
  • txdmean - find means in textual data files
  • txdnorm - normalize data sets
  • txdodeint - integrate a given ordinary differential equation system along a coordinate
  • txdrecycle - Rearrange lines (records) in files in accordance to changing the viewport along a cyclic coordinate.
  • txdrows - split a section of sets out of singe data file
  • txdsort - sorting of text data
  • txdstatistics - do basic statistics on textual data files
  • txdtotex - create a LaTeX table out of some textual data (file)