Language pack for Uplug

This package adds language-specific annotation tools to Uplug.
It includes pre-trained models and Uplug configuration files.


Requirements: Uplug main components (uplug-main)

If you maintain a local copy of Uplug:
- copy all files into your Uplug home directory, i.e. somthing like
  cp -R * /path/to/uplug/home/dir/

Otherwise: Run the usual perlish installation steps

  perl Makefile.PL
  make all
  sudo make install


Look at share/systems/ what kind of new tools are available. They can
be called in the same way as other Uplug tools. You should also be
able to run all language-specific pre-processing steps from plain text
to annotated XML using
  uplug pre/xx-all -in input.txt -out output.xml
where <xx> is the language ID of this language pack.