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Text::Tiki - TikiText

0.73 January 6 2004
* Fixed bug in macro handler routine and mt-tikitext macro. 
* Documentation fixes.

0.72 December 21 2003
* Initial Release in CPAN (finally!)
* Code clean-up
* Proper POD documentation added
* Cleans out false negatives linebreaks to avoid trouble during formatting
* Fixed bug where typographic processing was being applied were it shouldn't
* Simplification of experimental macro function calls
* Added simple spam obfuscation on mailto links
* Updated Movable Type documentation link in mt-tikitext

0.71 July 17 2003
* Added omitted stash function
* Fixed bug in block_format routine where "blank" lines containing only whitespace was not recognized not recognized as a block termination.

0.70 June 23 2003
* Introduction of Wiki functions
* Introduction of experimental Macro functions
* Added MTIncludeModule macros to mt-tikitext. (Experimental)

0.60 June 22 2003
* Complete refactoring of the code (again) to fix numerous bugs and provide better reliability and optimization.

0.52 April 01 2003
* Fixed table alignment bug where < & > where encoded instead of interpreted. (Peter Gallagher)
* Fixed bug where double dashes was being interpreted as <del> tags instead of the emdash typographic symbol (Peter Gallagher & Dale Emery)
* Cleaned up more 'uninitialized value' warning sloppiness.
* Fixed bug where blank lines where blank lines where being interpreted as a list item. (Dale Emery)
* Partially fixed list nesting. More to go. (Robert Hahn)
* Fixed hyperlink regular expression where puncuations where being captured into the URL of hyperlinks at the end of a line.

0.51 March 12 2003
* Patched text hyperlink greediness. (Brad Adkins)
* Cleaned up sloppiness that caused 'uninitialized value' warning when used with MovableType (Graham Walker)

0.50 March 10 2003
* Extensive rewrite for better functionality and future enhancements.
* Changed code symbol from | (pipe) to %.
* Added very basic image insert notation capabilities.
* Added Wiki-style table support using | (pipe).
* Blockquotes can be nested.
* Blockquotes can contain lists and other block formatting.
* Switched to WikiWord target names as opposed to camel case.
* One line definitions and terms are not supported.
* <pre> blocks can included TikiText notation. TikiText is still ignored in <code> blocks.

0.17 February 26 2003
* fixed bugged where formatting immediately in () and {} was not recognized.
* fixed improper coding of anchor targets. (Paul Holbrook)
* refactored inline linking into its own subroutine.

0.16 February 17 2003
* Minor optimizations.
* PRE and CODE blocks ignore inline formatting symbols.
* Better (though not great) documentation.
* First public release.
0.15 February 14 2003 
* Refactored inline formating code to resolve a number of issues:
** Puncuation is treated as an ending delimiter along with whitespace.
** Compound inline formatting (i.e. /*WOW!*/ strong and emphasis) is now supported.
** Overlapping tags are not supported (i.e. *This is /invalid* formatting/. Strong (*) would be processed and emphasis (/) would be ignored with no complaining.)
* Developed alpha of MovableType text formatting and container tag plugin.

0.11 February 11 2003
* Failed attempt to implement issues flagged by Jason Kottke (
** Puncuation must be inside inline formatting markers for Tiki to process the string.
** Strong inside of Emphasis did not work. (i.e. /well *hello* there/ failed.)
* Other bug fixes and optimizations.

0.1 February 4 2003
* Iniitial working release for private beta.
* Developed alpha command-line translator tool.