Changes for version 0.49

  • Significant Changes since 0.46
    • Net::SAML2::XML::Sig is now a subclass of XML::Sig
    • XML::Sig 0.52 is now a dependency
    • 6e76482 Simplify dist.ini and add SignReleaseNotes
    • e96982c Bump Version
    • 3fc63f5 v0.48


SAML2 bindings and protocol implementation
Net::SAML2::Binding::POST - HTTP POST binding for SAML
Net::SAML2::Binding::Redirect - HTTP Redirect binding for SAML
Net::SAML2::Binding::Artifact - SOAP binding for SAML
Net::SAML2::IdP - SAML Identity Provider object
Net::SAML2::Protocol::ArtifactResolve - ArtifactResolve protocol class
Net::SAML2::Protocol::Assertion - SAML2 assertion object
SAML2 AuthnRequest object
SAML2 LogoutRequest Protocol object
SAML2 LogoutResponse Protocol object
Common behaviour for Protocol messages
Net::SAML2::SP - SAML Service Provider object
Utility functions for Net:SAML2
Net::SAML2 subclass of XML::Sig
Net::SAML2::XML::Util - XML Util class