Changes for version 0.58

  • Significant Changes since 0.57
    • You will want to test this release. There are numerous changes and improvements but nothing that obviously breaks functionality.
    • Numerous fixes and cleanups thanks to Wesley Schwengle (waterkip)
    • Allow error URI to be a full fledged URI (waterkip)
    • id is now 32 bytes of randomness (was 16) (waterkip)
    • SAML2 constants moved to URN::OASIS::SAML2 (waterkip)
    • Add Indexes to the assertion_consumer_service (waterkip)
    • Refactor and improve SOAP support (waterkip)
    • Allow injecting own LWP::UserAgent to IdP new_from_url (waterkip)
  • Change Log
    • a245b94 Add test for lowercase url escaping
    • ba0a803 Fix author tests with dzil
    • 97898a2 fix pod for Assertion->nameid_format
    • 523ba92 Add missing POD for nameid, nameid_format in Protocol::Assertion
    • fb3085d Update Changes for 0.57
    • 6c63ed1 Make attributes in NameID optional
    • d69b7dd Install sub::name first to prevent pipeline failures
    • 7310b6c Bump version string post .57 release
    • 8b83b3e Make params optional in Binding::Redirect for SAMLResponse
    • 3b2b96b Use cpm instead of cpanminus
    • bc7eb07 nameid_format cannot be a zero length string
    • 1c5af31 Be able to inject own LWP::UserAgent to IdP new_from_url
    • 2abeb49 Add license to distro
    • 3f7c673 Install deps manually
    • 7f400a0 Install deps manually
    • 14c075c Fix documentation and general code cleanup
    • ca9fce1 Small refactor on Protocol::AuthnRequest
    • 14fb479 Add builder to Binding::SOAP for LWP::UA
    • 70ac5d0 Refactor Binding::SOAP::request
    • 830275f Add nameid as a node so we can get the value and/or the format
    • 066100f Really make provider optional in Protocol::ArtifactResolve
    • 5673bb5 v0.56
    • 3c7f390 Set version in main module for downstream developers
    • 22dbf06 Remove Dockerfile, we have github actions now
    • 18fa0ed Add defaults to Net::SAML2::Binding::Redirect
    • 6fe4bdc Fix contributers automaticly from git
    • 1348af5 Add the index in the assertion_consumer_service
    • 02ab7be Make cacert optional in Net::SAML2::SP
    • 858dc57 Remove setting default format when not present in metadata
    • 9e7c88a Introduce URN_XXX constants in NET::SAML2::SP
    • b2e3020 Change from 16 to 32 bytes of randomness
    • 42159bc Allow error URI to be a full fledged URI


SAML2 bindings and protocol implementation
Net::SAML2::Binding::POST - HTTP POST binding for SAML
Net::SAML2::Binding::Redirect - HTTP Redirect binding for SAML
Net::SAML2::Binding::Artifact - SOAP binding for SAML
Net::SAML2::IdP - SAML Identity Provider object
Net::SAML2::Protocol::ArtifactResolve - ArtifactResolve protocol class
Net::SAML2::Protocol::Assertion - SAML2 assertion object
SAML2 AuthnRequest object
SAML2 LogoutRequest Protocol object
SAML2 LogoutResponse Protocol object
Common behaviour for Protocol messages
Net::SAML2::SP - SAML Service Provider object
Custom Moose types for Net::SAML2
Utility functions for Net:SAML2
Net::SAML2 subclass of XML::Sig
Net::SAML2::XML::Util - XML Util class