Changes for version 0.37-TRIAL - 2021-07-21 (TRIAL RELEASE)

  • Change Log
    • TBD Update Changes and Increment version
    • f6227a4 Replace remaining XML::XPath with XML::libXML

Changes for version 0.36-TRIAL - 2021-07-15 (TRIAL RELEASE)

  • Change Log
    • 7bddf72 Update Changes and Increment version
    • be1a42f Remove no_comments call from IdP

Changes for version 0.35-TRIAL - 2021-07-14 (TRIAL RELEASE)

  • Significant Changes
    • Replaces XML::XPath with XML::libXML which is better maintained and more powerful. XML::libXML options are set to disable loading external documents and expanding entities as well as disabling network access.
  • Change Log
    • a071834 Update Changes and Increment version
    • 3741d2a Replace XML::XPath with XML::libXML
    • f3887f5 Fixup Contributors and cleanup README
    • 9d8c3bd Automatically generate README for repo
    • 4a1f2ef Update dist.ini to use Pod2Readme