Changes for version 0.41

  • Significant Changes since 0.40
    • COMPATABILITY WARNING: version 0.44 will likely make sha256 the default
    • HTTP-Redirect now supports signing and verifying with more than rsa-sha1
    • include HTTP-Post for SingleLogoutService in generated metadata
    • Destination missing in LogoutRequest
    • Added PingIdentity to the tested IdPs
    • Most other changes related to the testapp Saml2Test (in git repo)
  • Change Log
    • f694501 testapp: prevent app error if the are no slo_urls
    • c2c9e4b testapp: revert previous change to sls-redirect-response
    • c9532b3 Fixes #30 - Modules withou version and cleanup missing Abstract
    • 9c5585b Merge pull request #37 from timlegge/testapp
    • c51ba51 Tested compatiblity against PingIdentity
    • b4d3fe9 Remove end of line spaces
    • 41ef582 testapp: provide documentation on how to use the Saml2Test application
    • 5a8ebb7 Fixes #36 testapp: metadata is rendered as text by the browser
    • f1e2eca testapp: add .gitignore file testapp
    • ca4b8bd Fixes #35: Metadata does not include HTTP-Post for SingleLogoutService
    • 64008da testapp: Better org_name
    • 22073bb Update certificates with 10 year expiration
    • f215c40 testapp: add lightttpd.conf to proxy https traffic to testapp on port 3000
    • f92ba77 testapp: provide lighttpd config to deliver a metatdata.xml file
    • 2d671a4 Fixes #32: HTTP-Redirect should support more than sha1
    • 5e2425a testapp: Make required settings configurable
    • f70b0a5 Fixes #34: testapp: Dancer request_uri is not decoded
    • 8c0d048 testapp: Fixes #33 Destination is not properly assigned
    • 6e0a685 Fixes #31 Destination missing in LogoutRequest
    • 652c763 testapp: support post for LogoutResponse


SAML2 bindings and protocol implementation
Net::SAML2::Binding::POST - HTTP POST binding for SAML
Net::SAML2::Binding::Redirect - HTTP Redirect binding for SAML
Net::SAML2::Binding::Artifact - SOAP binding for SAML
Net::SAML2::IdP - SAML Identity Provider object
Net::SAML2::Protocol::ArtifactResolve - ArtifactResolve protocol class
Net::SAML2::Protocol::Assertion - SAML2 assertion object
SAML2 AuthnRequest object
SAML2 LogoutRequest Protocol object
SAML2 LogoutResponse Protocol object
Common behaviour for Protocol messages
Net::SAML2::SP - SAML Service Provider object
Utility functions for Net:SAML2
Net::SAML2::XML::Sig - A toolkit to help sign and verify XML Digital Signatures
Net::SAML2::XML::Util - XML Util class