Revision history for Perl extension XML-Diff.

0.01  Fri Apr 30 17:12:19 2004
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.22 with options
		-X XML-Diff

0.02  Tue May  4 23:05:55 2004
 - handle namespaced nodes in diffgram (i.e. xsl:template doesn't turn
   into template anymore)
 - handle namespaced attributes in diffgram (i.e. <foo bar:baz="1"/>
   doesn't turn into <foo baz="1"/> anymore)
 - added to Known Problems that Node Types other than Element, Attribute
   and Text will likely crash the module. I.e. No Comments, PIs, etc.
   with this revision (fix in the works)

0.03  Mon May 24 07:28:15 2004
 - fixed bug with handling blank or 0 valued attributes
 - fixed bug with nodePaths of inserts
 - sped up node matching (still pending complete rewrite)
 - basic handling of comment nodes, processing instructions and
   CDATA sections. Does not version them, but at least they don't
   break the diffgram now

0.04   Sat May 29 15:12:20 PDT 2004
 - new matching algorithm reigns in exponential growth of match time on
   large sets of similar nodes, and speeds up matching about 30% overall
 - added hard matching of nodes, attributes and content to get better 
   diffgrams on XML with many nodes of similar structure
 - fixed bug with inserts of subtrees that were targets of node moves
 - added more tests to harness

0.05   Tue Jul 10 09:11:04 2007
 - fixed bug with matching attributes (now sorted on names)