Changes for version 0.6 - 1997-03-25

  • fix unsigned off_t bug
  • fix version number confusion
  • propagate Perl's idea of CC and LD to cdb (thanks IP, SB)
  • use safe cdb_bread() in preference to read() (thanks MdlR)
  • object is now a scalar again, containing struct cdbobj
  • support repeated keys (thanks MdlR)
  • split create into new, insert, finish
  • optimize FETCH and NEXTKEY
  • support building as a static extension
  • PERLIO_NOT_STDIO so it works with useperlio defined (thanks AK, NMS)
  • add multi_get method (thanks MdlR)
  • fix some core dumps (thanks MdlR)
  • make cdb object read only (thanks MdlR)
  • alpha release


Perl extension for access to cdb databases