You need Perl 5.002 or later.

It is not possible to compile CDB_File-0.7 if you are using sfio.
Sorry.  I will soon be releasing CDB_File-0.8, which will work with
sfio (but not with older versions of Perl).

1. Create a Makefile.

    perl Makefile.PL

2. Build the CDB_File extension.


3. Test it (please don't omit this step).

    make test

You should see `ok 1' through to `ok 32'.  (Note: test 27 is known to
fail with some older versions of Perl.  This test checks that Perl
correctly gives a warning if you attempt to look up an undefined key, so
the failure of this test has no material impact on the correct operation
of the library.)

If any tests fail, please get in touch so we can sort out the problem.

4. Install the extension.

If you have built CDB_File as a dynamic extension, it's as simple as

    make install

If you have built CDB_File as a static extension, follow the
instructions given during the build process.

5. If you have any problems, questions, or ideas for future
enhancements, please contact me.

Tim Goodwin