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Changes for version 1.07

  • Added 'disable_fields' method [rt.cpan.org #6342] (Trevor Schellhorn)
  • Support IE down-level revealed HTML comments [rt.cpan.org #19468] (Michael Peters)
  • hash is not reset before each() is called [rt.cpan.org #24980] (Simon P. Ditner)
  • Fix a bug the last plaintext part might be chopped if called via scalarref [rt.cpan.org #21750] (Tatsuhiko Miyagawa)
  • Add support for ID attribute on form tags (name attribute is deprecated in xhtml) [rt.cpan.org #27376] (Anthony Ettinger)
  • Fix bug when passing 0 in array ref to textfields, also see [rt.cpan.org #22195] (Paul Miller)
  • No longer generate warning if empty array as the value for a select attribute is passed (Dave Rolsky)


Populates HTML Forms with data.