Changes for version 1.4_01 - 2016-01-14

  • Find PEM anywhere
  • Support repeated attributes
  • Various crashes, internal optimizations
  • More OIDs
  • Access methods: subject, subjectAltName, extensions
  • Generate access methods for unknown OIDs in DNs at runtime
  • Add extractCSR method to get CSR in binary or PEM
  • subjectPublicKey option to extract in PEM format
  • Convert IP addresses to strings
  • Convert basicConstraints to string
  • Add registerOID to allow extraction of simple custom OIDs
  • More tests
  • Improve documentation
  • Add setAPIversion, regularize OID names in V1
  • For API V1, attributes method returns names or values of attributes (except extensions)
  • Improve build: Use Dist::Zilla, autogenerate README,LICENE,META,Makefile.PL
  • Generate & ship Commitlog from git


parse PKCS #10 certificate requests