0.9  7/30/2003
  First version.
0.9.1 8/19/2003
  Installer fix, add simple use test
0.9.2 8/19/2003
  Add documentation
0.9.3 7/5/2004
  Fix problem with patches with spaces in them
0.9.4 7/5/2004
  Handle patches with malformed file sections better
0.9.5 7/17/2004
  Parse and send function info for -p patches
0.9.6 4/11/2011
  Add tests to instantiate all modules and verify parsing of patches
  Fix POD syntax
  Fix corruption due to patched lines having a + or - as the first character
  Fix FixPatchRoot w/DOS eol patches (RT bug #35362, regression from v0.9.3)
  Attic file support for FixPatchRoot (RT bug #40467)
  Multiple file patch support (RT bug #47625)