Changes for version 0.01 - 2017-09-15

  • Initial version


Creates single-end and paired-end fastq reads for transcriptome and genome simulation.


App builder that simulates single-end and paired-end reads.
Policy and base module to App::SimulateReads project.
digest command class. Simulate single-end and paired-end reads.
qualitydb command class. Manage quality profile database.
qualitydb subcommand class. Add a quality profile to the database.
qualitydb subcommand class. Remove a quality profile from database.
qualitydb subcommand class. Restore database.
Base class to simulate fastq entries
App::SimulateReads::Fastq subclass for simulate paired-end fastq entries.
App::SimulateReads::Fastq subclass for simulate single-end fastq entries.
Interlaces the processe id for differents processes, actually for parent, child processes.
Class to simulate quality entries
Class to handle database schemas.
Base class to simulate reads
App::SimulateReads::Read subclass for simulate paired-end reads.
App::SimulateReads::Read subclass for simulate single-end reads.
Input and output custom wrappers.
Getopt::Long wrapper.
Extends class with weighted raffle.
Class responsible to make the simulation
Moose type constraints for App::SimulateReads project