Net::IPv6Addr Version 0.1

Net::IPv6Addr provides functions for parsing IPv6 addresses in all
formats described by RFC1884.  If Math::Base85 is installed, formats
described in RFC1924 are also valid.  It will generate "IP6.INT."
strings (as described in RFC1886) if you are inclined to play with
DNS records.

This module needs Net::IPv4Addr to function properly.

The usual installation instructions apply:

    /path/to/perl Makefile.PL
    make test
    make install

Documentation is included in pod format.

Please send bug reports and suggestions to the author at
<tmonroe plus perl at nog dot net>.

Copyright and License

This distribution (with the exception of included RFC's) is copyright
(c) 2001-2002 Tony Monroe.  All rights reserved.  This software is
distributed under the same license terms as Perl itself.  This
software comes with NO WARRANTIES WHATSOEVER, express, implied, or

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