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Tony Bowden

Changes for version 0.90

  • hasa and associated_class merged (and deprecated) into has_a
    • has_many therefore no longer sets up reciprocal hasa
  • allow search() and search_like() to take multiple columns
  • added find_or_create()
  • add_constructor() is now preferred to make_filter()
  • added retrieve_from_sql() for inline SQL
  • documented running arbitrary SQL and using sth_to_objects to convert these to objects. (Making sth_to_objects public too)
  • has_many can now call a mapping method on the results (for simpler many-to-many joins, for example)
  • has_many adds an 'add_to_<whatevers>' method e.g. CD->has_many(tracks => Track); now adds not just 'tracks' method, but also 'add_to_tracks'. (thanks to Michael Styer)
  • try to guess table name if none given
  • speed up iterators (thanks to Tom Renfro)
  • added (undocumented) data_type method (thanks to Tatsuhiko Miyagawa)
  • renamed column_type() to associated_class()
  • added references to Class::DBI::SQLite, Class::DBI::Pg, and Class::Join
  • before_create trigger can now modify object itself
  • uses UNIVERSAL::require instead of rolling our own
  • marked primary_key(), is_column(), add_hook() as deprecated
  • changed _ids_to_objects to receieve listref, rather than list to cope with weird bug in 5.005_03 (thanks to Tatsuhiko Miyagawa)
  • warn if column name clashes with built-in method
  • third argument to has_many is now optional, defaulting to our 'class-name' (undocumented)
  • provide normalised method names if appropriate (i.e. a Film column will give us methods $obj->Film and $obj->film). This previously happened inconsistently.
  • split most of the column related code to Class::DBI::Columns
  • remove dependency on Class::Fields
  • reference the new Class::DBI mailing lists
  • Give better errors if no database connection set up (thanks to Simon Cozens)
  • A failed create now calls $class->on_failed_create, which by default dies, but can be made to do whatever you like.
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