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Tony Bowden

Changes for version 0.94

  • New Functionality
    • allow has_a() columns to hold NULL values (Dominic Mitchell)
    • cascading deletions can be turned off by passing argument to has_many setup: no_cascade_delete => 1 (undocumented/untested)
      • now implemented as a trigger
    • classes and objects can be marked as read_only (experimental and undocumented, although tested)
  • Documentation
    • no longer refer to Class::DBI::Join, which is dead
    • warn about inflating a primary key using has_a
    • rewrite of docs on transactions
    • numerous small tweaks from Jay Strauss, Alexander Karelas and Brad Bowman
    • redocument dbi_commit and dbi_rollback that have vanished...
  • Bug Fixes
    • make sequences work again (Dominic Mitchell) [now with tests!]
    • interpolation of __TABLE__ etc now happens globally, rather than only once [Corion]
    • might_have now properly does a cascading delete
    • Fixed problem where we can't update an object which might_have a relationship, but doesn't.
    • might_have's tentative, but broken, support for MCPK has been removed.
    • Increase Class::Accessor pre-requisite to 0.18 to fix strange bug reported by Casey West.
    • Make sure we don't alter the hashref being passed to create()
    • The after_create() trigger is now called after the object is emptied, and will thus be able to see objects in has_a columns (by reloading from the DB) [If you were using this trigger to alter the columns to be cleaned out this can (for now) be done using the 'create' trigger, although that's deprecated. Let me know if you really need this ability.
  • Deprecations
    • move() is deprecated. The concept is broken and will be removed unless someone convinces me to keep it.
    • normalize* are no longer necessary, due to the new Column objects, which store their normalized and unnormalize form. (Calling these will have no effect, other than a warning).
    • has_column deprecated in favour of find_column
  • Other
    • init() now takes hash to instantiate with (Tim Bunce)
    • Rewrite of _require_class, with better short-circuiting and error message reporting (Tim Bunce)
    • new Class::DBI::Column to represent a column. Some functionality moved from ColumnGrouper to here.
    • mutator and accessor name overrides now stored in column, and not looked up every time.
    • attempt to trap and propogate all DBI failures
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