Be aware that the testing done during the installation is /NOT GOOD
ENOUGH/.  Testing should be done towards a real database.  I strongly
advise anyone to manually do through the easy synopsis section to test
if it actually works.

The rest of the README can safely be ignored, but remember to read the


This should be an exact copy of the DESCRIPTION part in the POD:

For copying a DB.  Future versions might handle mirroring as well, but
it's generally better if the source might send over a transaction log

The current version takes a crude "select * from table" from the
source table, and crudely puts it all into the destination table, with
a "delete from table" and "insert into table values (?, ?, ?, ...)".
There might be problems with this approach for all I know.  Anyway, I
think I can promise that the synopsis above will behave the same way 
also for future versions of DBIx::Copy.

Currently the module can only copy data content.  Data definitions
might be handled in a future version.

No options are respected in this version.  Look at the TODO section
for all planned features.

Please mail me if you have needs this module can't take care of.


For the time beeing, this is a very simple module.  The POD is bigger
than the code.  Anyway, I think such a module might be useful, and I
think it might grow - I have a long Todo-list.

I'm to update/upgrade quite a lot of things locally, and I found that
I needed to copy from one DBMS at one computer to another DBMS at
another computer - twice, first for testing, then I have to move the
production DB.  The old DB system doesn't give me transaction logs in
an open format, so the easiest thing is to do the complete copy twice.
So the operation should be redoable by hitting ^R at the command

The export facility at the old database is ... well, at least it does
bump the data into `well-behaving' file formats ... but I felt more
for doing this operation through the DBI interface than to handle
export, network copying, and then try to tell the new DBMS to import
the data - I have no clue if the special conditions (like single
quotes and newlines) are handled equally in the export and import

I've spent more time making this into a proper CPAN module and
documenting this than what I've actually spent coding.  It doesn't
really make sense for such a one-time project, or what?  Well - I'm
completely fresh as a CPAN author, and before humiliating myself by
trying to release some of my uglier hacks, I want a bit of experience.
I hope this module will provide me with useful feedback.  Please flame
me at tobix@irctos.org.


Standard installation:
        perl Makefile.PL
        make test
        make install

Mail tobix@irctos.org for more information. I'm glad to get any
feedback whether this module is usable or not.