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Toby Inkster
HTML::HTML5::Table - representation of an HTML table
HTML::HTML5::ToText - convert HTML to plain text
HTML::HTML5::ToText::Trait::ShowImages - indicate where images are
HTML::HTML5::ToText::Trait::TextFormatting - poor man's text formatting
HTML::HTML5::Table::Body in lib/HTML/HTML5/Table/Body.pm
HTML::HTML5::Table::Cell in lib/HTML/HTML5/Table/Cell.pm
HTML::HTML5::Table::Col in lib/HTML/HTML5/Table/Col.pm
HTML::HTML5::Table::ColGroup in lib/HTML/HTML5/Table/ColGroup.pm
HTML::HTML5::Table::Foot in lib/HTML/HTML5/Table/Foot.pm
HTML::HTML5::Table::Head in lib/HTML/HTML5/Table/Head.pm
HTML::HTML5::Table::HeadCell in lib/HTML/HTML5/Table/HeadCell.pm
HTML::HTML5::Table::Row in lib/HTML/HTML5/Table/Row.pm
HTML::HTML5::Table::Section in lib/HTML/HTML5/Table/Section.pm
Changes for version 0.002
    • (Addition) Support align attribute on table cells, columns and colgroups. Values 'justify' and 'char' are not supported.
    • (Documentation) Include examples of how to extend HTML::HTML5::ToText using traits.
    • Table header cells <th> default to centre alignment.

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