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Toby Inkster
Kavorka::Manual - how to obtain the lure of the animal
Kavorka::Manual::API - the introspection API
Kavorka::Manual::MethodModifiers - before/after/around keywords
Kavorka::Manual::Methods - method/classmethod/objectmethod keywords
Kavorka::Manual::MultiSubs - multi subs and multi methods
Kavorka::Manual::PrototypeAndAttributes - the more rarely used features of Perl subroutines
Kavorka::Manual::Signatures - experience the lure of the animal
Kavorka - function signatures with the lure of the animal
Kavorka::Signature - a function signature
Kavorka::Signature::Parameter - a single parameter in a function signature
Kavorka::Sub - a function that has been declared
MooseX::KavorkaInfo - make Kavorka->info available through Moose meta objects
Kavorka::MethodModifier in lib/Kavorka/MethodModifier.pm
Kavorka::Multi in lib/Kavorka/Multi.pm
Kavorka::Signature::ReturnType in lib/Kavorka/Signature/ReturnType.pm
Kavorka::Sub::After in lib/Kavorka/Sub/After.pm
Kavorka::Sub::Around in lib/Kavorka/Sub/Around.pm
Kavorka::Sub::Before in lib/Kavorka/Sub/Before.pm
Kavorka::Sub::ClassMethod in lib/Kavorka/Sub/ClassMethod.pm
Kavorka::Sub::Fun in lib/Kavorka/Sub/Fun.pm
Kavorka::Sub::Method in lib/Kavorka/Sub/Method.pm
Kavorka::Sub::ObjectMethod in lib/Kavorka/Sub/ObjectMethod.pm
MooseX::KavorkaInfo::DummyInfo in lib/MooseX/KavorkaInfo.pm
MooseX::KavorkaInfo::Trait::Method in lib/MooseX/KavorkaInfo.pm
MooseX::KavorkaInfo::Trait::WrappedMethod in lib/MooseX/KavorkaInfo.pm
Parse::KeywordX in lib/Parse/KeywordX.pm
Changes for version 0.014
    • Added: Lexical functions and methods.
    • Added: Return types, optionally with coercion.
    • Updated: Work with (and indeed require Type::Tiny 0.032).

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