Revision history for Test-MockFile

0.035   11/30/2022
- GH #180 - Prevent open() and sysopen() from opening GLOB(..)-like paths.

0.034   4/25/2022
- GH #176: Add file handle support for BINMODE. This does nothing at this
  time but at least it doesn't die.
- support for ~/foo and ~user/foo in mocking and access (globs)

0.033   3/7/2022
- Request last Overload::FileCheck release - 0.013
- Correct chown parameter position for file name
- Fixup Plugin for File::Temp tempfile in scalar context logic.
- Track File::Temp version in unit tests.

0.032   2/24/2022
- Less strict mode - Don't complain about commands not opening or directly interacting with a file.

0.031   2/24/2022
- Fix for Plugin::FileTemp when calling tempfile in scalar context

0.030   2/22/2022
- Simplify _strict_mode_violation
- Introduce new_dir() to allow older dir() syntax.
- Provide a mechanism to setup custom strict rules
- Make is_strict_mode a helper
- Do not call _get_file_object when all we're trying to determine is if the file is mocked or not.
- Add Test::MockFile::Plugins
- We support "undef" as filename in strict rules to ignore filenames
- Block Plugin::FileTemp < 5.28

0.029   2/16/2022
- Fix broken link to small test documentation
- Ensure strict mode is enabled by default and prevent import conflicts.
- Fix warnings during global destruction
- Additional rules for _abs_path_to_file
- GH #103 - Update eg/
- Add rmdir, mkdir and unlink default position
- Postpone file arg check during strict mode analysis
- Fixup hook args and teach for mkdir filename pos
- Perltidy policy changes.
- Use carp in filename and readlink
- Fix broken link to small test documentation

0.028   2/12/2022
- Update test for our FreeBSD results
- GH #122 - Support two-arg open, read/write, and understand pipes
- Add strict guards for additional keywords: readdir, telldir, rewinddir,
  seekdir, closedir, readlink, mkdir, rmdir
- Revert to old symbol resolution technique.

0.027   2/10/2022
- GH #75 - Strict mode is now on by default
- GH #45 - Provide a helpful error message and document fileno unsupported.
- GH #90 - Normalize forward slashes.
- GH #126 - Document using debugger under strict mode.
- Do not hard-code values of $!
- Try to get more data when t/runtime-bareword-filehandles.t fails on cpan testers.
- GH #64 -  Do not overwrite the error code when checking for Docker
- GH #63 -  FreeBSD's readlink() returns EINVAL for readlink(undef):
- Add more data for debugging test failures on OpenBSD

0.026   2/3/2022
- Fix support for mocking the top-level directory.
- Symlinks should appear in readdir
- Fix directory instantiation when creating a symlink.
- GH #105: Show directories in readdir
- Improve relative path management
- Don't let stat() get confused with trailing forward slash
- GH #118: Do not get confused by inner directory files.
- GH #85: Do not corrupt blessed handles.

0.025   1/26/2022
- Fix typo in chmod mock. Was accidentally calling chown.
- Fix dependency on Text::Glob. It is now a runtime requirement.

0.024   1/24/2022
- Prefer Carp::confess to die
- Do not use "$!" in tests as it's not consistent across platforms
- GH #78: Do not allow rmdir on a populated directory.
- GH #73: Prefer the term ->path to ->filename as it is more clear between file/dir
- chown $fh now works.
- Only warn about mixed files when using mocked files

 - GH #83: Get Solaris testers passing.
 - Remove all use of "$!" in tests as this has tranlation problems.

0.023   1/14/2022
 - GH #58: Fix synopsis typos
 - GH #65: Fix typos in the typo fixes.
 - GH #34: Support open() with barewords
 - GH #59: Detect and reject common path mistakes when mocking
 - GH #69: Redesigned dir() (and some file()) interface <--- breaks previous interface
 - GH #40: Support glob()
 - GH #15: Implement chown/chmod

0.022   12/27/2021
 -  GH #47: Manage bareword filehandles in runtime:

0.021   1/30/2020
 - Emit ENOTDIR on opendir when appropriate
 - Switch to github actions for CI testing

0.020   10/14/2019
 - GH #51 - Basic introduction of file ownership. Set default uid/gid to current user when not set
 - GH #49 - Make sysseek return position when called while allowing seek to return a true value.

0.19   5/21/2019
 - Fix POD for stat example in POD.
 - Allow scalar file handles on open. We don't care about those
 - Provide better guidance about keeping your mocks in scope in examples
 - Disable Test::CheckManifest due to break in Test-CheckManifest
 - Fix seek bug in sysopen(... O_APPEND)

0.018   1/24/2019
 - Properly handle open and sysopen file handles going out of scope.
 - Provide a helper method to mock objects to determine the file name. GH #31
 - Do not throw a file access hook when statting a file handle that is not under MockFile control. GH #30
 - Read multiple lines via readline when wantarray is true. GH #29

0.017   1/2/2019
 - Require a newer Test2::Bundle::Extended (0.000084) to support named isa_ok

0.016   1/2/2019
 - Bump Overload::FileCheck to 0.007 to address stack bug
 - Try to get EISDIR handling for BSD working. Apparently something changed in perl 5.20?
 - Do not do access hooks on filehandle interactions.

0.015   12/21/2018
 - Remove errant debug messages from open
 - Pass 3 to fix t/touch.t on BSD.

0.014   12/20/2018
 - Re-factor _find_file_or_fh to handle symlink following logic better. GH #26
 - Make more standard use of _get_file_object when looking up a file path so we
   properly handle abs path and symlink following

0.013   12/20/2018
 - Add a helper to determine if goto can be used. Where it's available is complicated
 - First pass at bareword file handles for opendir and friends
 - Fix errant docs for making a symlink mock
 - Follow links for stat but not lstat
 - Add support for readlink
 - Try 2 to fix BSD issues with GH #20

0.012   11/16/2018
 - Fix for #21 - length undef on perl 5.10
 - GH #20 - Add EPERM support for freebsd when unlinking directories
 - Fix for print $fh undef throwing a warning
 - Remove faulty OS level test of readdir after opendir.

0.011   11/08/2018
 - Fix for my $file_contents = do { local $/; <$fh> };
 - Mock CORE::GLOBAL::unlink and support directories for unlink
 - Mock CORE::GLOBAL::mkdir
 - Mock CORE::GLOBAL::rmdir
 - MockFile->symlink now follows the symlink norm of ($target, $file), not the reverse.
 - New mock helper 'exists' to check if the file is there.
 - New mock helper 'permissions' tells you the current permissions of the mocked file.

0.010   10/31/2018
 - Add .perltidyrc policy
 - When reporting strict mode violations, be sure to report the a stack location outside of our modules.
 - Report a stack trace for strict mode violations to determine the source of the problem.
 - Add an ignore hash for modules (like DynaLoader) which are allowed to open files.
 - Ignore STDIN/STDERR/STDOUT since tests often have to manipulate them and that's not really IO.
 - Autovivify a sysread where the buffer passed in is undef.

0.009   10/29/2018
 - Add unlink and touch as helpers when testing
 - Depend on new Overload::FileCheck 0.006 which does not call MockFile to determine _ stats

0.008   10/26/2018
 - Depend on newest Overload::FileCheck version. Depending on older
   versions was breaking unit tests.

0.007   10/25/2018
 - More POD fixups
 - Support for unmocked file access hooks.
 - Implement strict mode to error any time an unmocked file access happens.

0.006   10/25/2018
 - Fix for Locale-dependent failures on perl < 5.22
 - Minor pod fixups.

0.005   10/24/2018
 - Complete basic documentation for all public methods.

0.004   10/24/2018
 - Raise the Test::More requirement to address an issue with Test2::Formatter::TAP
0.003   10/24/2018
 - Correct bug in use constant statement. 0.002 was broken on release.
 - Changes to code to give basic support for Perl 5.10+. Ideally you should be on
    perl 5.16 to run this code but it'll mostly work below that.

0.002   10/24/2018
 - Set bug tracker to github
 - Fix Fcntl bug when you use unsupported constants.

0.001   10/23/2018
 - First release with basic support for open/sysopen/opendir
 - Support is limited to Perl 5.20 until we address this error:
    Error:  Invalid CODE attribute: prototype(*;$@) at lib/Test/