Revision history for Perl extension Tree::MultiNode.

1.0.14 Fri Jan 22 2020
 - Switch to github CI
 - Switch to github issue tracker. RT going away.
 - Now using Makefile.PL
 - perltidy

1.0.13 Fri Feb 19 2010 11:00:00 CST 2010
  - Pause hung uploading 1.0.12 grr...

1.0.12 Fri Feb 19 2010 09:00:00 CST 2010
  - Tweak to new documentation for CPAN

1.0.11 Fri Feb 19 2010 01:00:00 CST 2010
  - Convert module to standart treee layout.
  - Convert to Test::More suite with additional tests
  - Generat META.yml file from new Build.PL data
  - RT #5107 - Documentation patch for Tree-MultiNode-1.0.10
  - RT #1743 - Documentation fix for traverse example to be consistent with code
  - RT #5435 - New add_child_node sub to merge trees
  - TODO: Need proper pod documentation for new sub.
  - TODO: Need tests for the new feature.

1.0.10 Tue May 27 14:06:33 EDT 2003
  KRB: Markus Maier <> found a bug in the tree's destructor
    that happens when a reference to a handle outlives the tree object.
    $self->{'top'} is then undefined and _clearrefs should not be called
    (a second time).
  KRB: fixed documentaiton bug (set_key/set_value), added use strict and 
    warnings to the example in the POD.

1.0.9 Tue Oct  8 20:38:52 EDT 2002
  KRB: Gregg Casillo <> sent in a fix that now allows
    keys to store the numeric value 0.
  KRB: fixed reported bug with traverse not passing the new handle.

1.0.8 Wed May  8 10:06:22 EDT 2002
  KRB: Papp Zoltan <> pointed out a bug in
    Tree::MultiNode::Node's _clearrefs() where an array ref was
    not being dereferenced correctly.  The fix has been applied.

1.0.7 Tue Nov 13 09:00:49 EST 2001
  KRB: "Tunkelo Heikki (extern)" <> 
       subumitted a patch that fixed the select() method.

1.0.6 Wed Dec 13 11:43:11 EST 2000
  KRB: traverse was created because of comments from
          Sverrir Jonsson <>

1.0.5 Wed Dec 13 11:32:57 EST 2000
  KRB: updated traverse so you can pass additional constant arguments
          to the sub ref.

1.0.4 Wed Dec 13 11:03:17 EST 2000
  KRB: added Tree::MultiNode::Handle::traverse as a method that takes
          a sub ref and invokes the subref for each node in the tree.

1.0.3 Thu Sep  7 11:57:14 EDT 2000
  KRB: added Tree::MultiNode::DESTROY, and Tree::MultiNode::Node::_clearrefs
          so the refcounts of the nodes, as well as the data will go to
          zero.  Eric Joanis <> pointed out this bug,
          and sent me an example.  The chagnes are based largely on his
          work, with minor modifications.

1.0.1 Tue Nov 23 11:05:42 EST 1999
  KRB: added child_keys to the handle object to return the child
          keys from the current node.
1.0.1 Fri Jun  4 08:56:26 EDT 1999
  KRB: fixed print message in get_child_value() -- it should only print
          when $debug is defined...the bug was reported by 
          Kohei Ohta <>

1.0.0 Mon May 17 11:25:51 EDT 1999
  DXP: Applied patch from Daniel X. Pape,
          which included:
          - Node, and Handle objects: moved tree() member function from Node 
            object to Handle object
          - Handle object:  added functionality, and member function for depth
            tracking as the Handle object is navigated through the tree.
          - Documentation for the new code.

        KRB: Added Handle::kv_pairs(), and Handle::remove_child().

        KRB: Made minor changes to the debug statements so they print the
          package name as well as the member function name - just to make
          it easier to see these messages when used in conjunction with
          other objects/packages/debugging code.
        KRB: Minor changes to the new() member functions, so the objects can
          be constructed in a larger variety of ways.
        KRB: It seemed stable enough, and failry feature complete, and there
          didn't seem like there were any more compelling reasons not to, so I
           updated the version number to 1.0.0 so it looks stable.
        KRB:  All previous changes made by KRB...
0.9.4 Wed Apr 14 12:35:01 EDT 1999
        Fixed the issue with make test, and re-released it as 0.9.4 - make test
        wasn't outputting the standard test output ("ok x").  This was sparked
        by the CPAN testers group.  Thanks.

0.9.3 Wed Nov  4 16:17:49 EST 1998
        Again, some minor bug fixes.

0.9.2 Wed Nov  4 16:17:49 EST 1998
        Some minor debugging, and added some (hopefuly useful)
        member functions.

0.9.1 Wed Oct 28 09:39:17 EST 1998 
        First release to CPAN -- 0.9.1

0.9.1 Wed Oct 28 09:39:17 EST 1998 
        Made namespace change as suggested by Andreas J. Koenig, and 
        created _alot_ more documentation.

0.9.0 Tue Oct 27 10:34:49 EST 1998
        Created Initial Version (