Revision history for Perl extension HTML::TreeBuilder::LibXML 0.26 2016-10-19T15:03:00Z - Improve `HTML::TreeBuilder::LibXML::Node->new` compatibility with `HTML::Element->new` (reported by nanto++) 0.25 2015-04-21T23:39:33Z commit 5c46775d50678e611729135f3601b66e6a0d10cd Author: Yanick Champoux Date: Thu Jan 15 14:15:04 2015 -0500 silence warnings ... as the arguments can be undefined Fixes #10 0.24 2014-09-22T09:31:26Z - Removed Web::Scraper from runtime dependencies. 0.23 2013-05-17T00:16:48Z - fixed guts(), clone() and replace_with() to properly handle XML::LibXML::Dtd nodes - guts() now includes the Dtd node in the returned document (unless it were implicitly created) - clone() calls createInternalSubset() on the new document - replace_with() calls createInternalSubset() if the replacement is a XML::LibXML::Dtd (can't import Dtd node) (cafe01) 0.22 2013-05-13T00:04:09Z - improved guts(), calling nonBlankChildNodes() instead of childNodes() - improved HTML::TreeBuilder::LibXML::Node documentation (cafe01) 0.21 2013-05-12T19:12:53Z - fixed guts(), - now returning nodes from and instead of just - now returning text and comment nodes instead of just element nodes - returned nodes now belong to the same document - fixed to_HTML to render valid html, not xml (cafe01) 0.20 2013-05-10T20:44:16Z - improved replace_with() on document node. - fixed push_content() and unshift_content() to work with document mode. (cafe01) 0.19 2013-05-10T01:03:58Z - fixed replace_with() and parent(), to avoid calling appendChild() on a Document node, which is not supported by XML::LibXML. (cafe01) 0.18 2013-05-09T20:49:04Z - implemented all node methods needed for Web::Query::LibXML to work - clone_list - detach - delete_content - content_list - replace_with - push_content - unshift_content - postinsert - preinsert - disembowel (HTML::TreeBuilder::LibXML) (cafe01) - modified parse_file() to read file content, then call parse_content() - thats because parse_content() will detect (heuristically) when the parser will add implict tags, so guts() can work properly. (cafe01) 0.18 2013-05-09T01:27:46Z - implemented matches(), parent(), guts() node method (Carlos Fernando Avila Gratz) 0.17 handle /(de)?objectify_text/ for