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Changes for version 0.49

  • handle short EXIF user_comment fields correctly, previously Imager would read (and potentially) write beyond the end of an allocated block, or through a NULL pointer if the EXIF user_comment field was less than 8 bytes long. https://rt.cpan.org/Ticket/Display.html?id=17981
  • tifflib 3.8.0 with MDI (Microsoft(tm) TIFF) support produces a different error when it reads a file with a bad magic number. Update the test to handle the possible messages.
  • some jpeg.c logging calls didn't include parameters enough to match the supplied format string. (detected by valgrind)
  • in some cases memory wasn't being freed during error handling when reading jpeg images (detected by valgrind)
  • free the TIFF object correctly when reading a TIFF image and the page number is out of range. (detected by valgrind)
  • i_gsampf() (used to implement getsamples() for floating point samples) was leaking memory. (detected by valgrind)
  • writing to a PNG file was leaking one memory block (detected by valgrind)
  • some error paths when reading GIF images weren't closing the GIF read object. (detected by valgrind)
  • bump to 0.49 (to get #17981 fix out)
    • For latest versions check the Imager-devel pages: http://imager.perl.org/
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