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Tony Cook
Imager::API - Imager's C API - introduction.
Imager::APIRef - Imager's C API.
Imager::Cookbook - recipes working with Imager
Imager::Draw - Draw primitives to images
Imager::Engines - Programmable transformation operations
Imager::Files - working with image files
Imager::Filters - Entire Image Filtering Operations
Imager::Handy - simple access to common functions
Imager::ImageTypes - image models for Imager
Imager::Inline - using Imager with Inline::C.
Imager::Transformations - Simple transformations of one image into another.
Imager::Tutorial - an introduction to Imager.
Imager::interface.pod - decribes the C level virtual image interface
Imager::regmach - documents the register virtual machine used by Imager::transform2().
align-string.pl - demo of the Imager align_string() method
anaglyph.pl - create a anaglyph from the source images
border.pl - sample to add borders to an image
inline_capture2image.pl - convert captured BGR data to any Imager supported format
inline_replace_color.pl - replace one color with another in an image, using Inline
interleave.pl - given two identically sized images create an image twice the height with interleaved rows from the source images.
replace_color - replace one color with another in an image
slant_text.pl - sample for drawing transformed text
tk-photo.pl - display an Imager image under Tk
Imager - Perl extension for Generating 24 bit Images
Imager::Color - Color handling for Imager.
Imager::Color::Float - Rough floating point sample colour handling
Imager::Color::Table - built-in Imager color table
Imager::CountColor - demonstrates writing a simple function using Imager.
Imager::Expr - implements expression parsing and compilation for the expression evaluation engine used by Imager::transform2()
Imager::Expr::Assem - an assembler for producing code for the Imager register machine
Imager::ExtUtils - functions handy in writing Imager extensions
Imager::File::ICO - read MS Icon files
Imager::Fill - general fill types
Imager::Filter::Flines - dim alternate lines to emulate a video display
Imager::Filter::Mandelbrot - filter that renders the Mandelbrot set.
Imager::Font - Font handling for Imager.
Imager::Font::BBox - objects representing the bounding box of a string.
Imager::Font::FreeType2 - low-level functions for FreeType2 text output
Imager::Font::Truetype - low-level functions for Truetype fonts
Imager::Font::Type1 - low-level functions for Type1 fonts
Imager::Font::Win32 - uses Win32 GDI services for text output
Imager::Font::Wrap - simple wrapped text output
Imager::Fountain - a class for building fountain fills suitable for use by the fountain filter.
Imager::Matrix2d - simple wrapper for matrix construction
Imager::Regops - generated information about the register based VM
Imager::Test - common functions used in testing Imager
Imager::Transform - a library of register machine image transformations
Imager::Expr::Infix in lib/Imager/Expr.pm
Imager::Expr::Postfix in lib/Imager/Expr.pm
Imager::File::CUR in ICO/lib/Imager/File/CUR.pm
Imager::Filter::DynTest in DynTest/DynTest.pm
Imager::Font::Image in lib/Imager/Font/Image.pm

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