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Imager::Font::T1 1.031

 - forgot to update Changes for the last Imager release, no
   code changes beyond the $VERSION bump

Imager::Font::T1 1.030

Imager no longer installs this module by default, FreeType 2.x also
supports Type1 fonts and is actually maintained.

 - fix some mishandling of afm file names

Imager::Font::T1 1.028

 - update the bug tracking URL to point at github

Imager::Font::T1 1.027

 - Imager has been moved to github.

Imager::Font::T1 1.026

Coverity detected issue:

 - adjust a pointer parameter from an array-style declaration with 6
   elements to pointer style (since it hasn't been 6 for years.)

 - avoid dead code in i_t1_glyph_names(), which is the implementation
   of glyph_names() for T1.  CID 185322.

Imager::Font::T1 1.024

 - update the bundled/modified Devel::CheckLib to handle the gcc-4
   symlink on Cygwin

Imager::Font::T1 1.023

 - if the first text drawn with Imager::Font::T1 is not anti-aliased,
   text drawn would be nonsense.  This would also read beyond the end
   of a malloced buffer.

Imager::Font::T1 1.022

 - depend on Imager 0.95.

Imager::Font::T1 1.021

Released as part of Imager 0.94_02.

 - enable the debug log for t/t90std.t

 - add typemap to the manifest, this caused build failures in 1.020.

Imager::Font::T1 1.020

 - add the 1.019 changes list

 - update README

Imager::Font::T1 1.019

 - slightly improve control over anti-aliasing, this is now recorded
   per thread

 - use a mutex to avoid re-entering t1lib, which isn't thread safe.

 - avoid a paralled testing race condition.

Imager::Font::T1 1.018

 - match Imager::Font;:T1's error message translations to those from
   later versions of T1Lib.

 - clean up .dSYM directories generated performing probes on OS X
   Mountain Lion.

 - pass the --verbose command-line option through to Imager::Probe in

Imager::Font::T1 1.017

 - no longer fallback to using DynaLoader to load the XS code

Imager::Font::T1 1.016

 - update dependency to Imager 0.86

Imager::Font::T1 1.015

 - use T1_StrError() for error messages on modern libt1

 - actually load the font rather than just adding it to the catalog on

 - Imager::Font->new now produces better error messages for the T1

 - has_chars() now returns perl's true and false values in list
   context rather than integers, which should be more efficient.

 - the default text color is no longer transparent.

Imager::Font::T1 1.014

 - if reinitialization failed, the t1_initialized flag was left set.

 - update the bundled (and still modified) Devel::CheckLib

Imager::Font::T1 1.013

 - the big types cleanup, should be no change in behaviour

Imager::Font::T1 1.012

Initial release.