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Revision history for Net-WebSocket-Server

0.3.4   2016-01-27
        Ignore mid-handshake connections for pings and ->connections() list;
        provide $conn->is_ready() interface to accomodate this.

0.3.3   2015-08-08
        Minor adjustments to test to fix Cygwin timeout issue.

0.3.2   2015-06-05
        Bugfixes for SIGPIPE and socket reuse.

0.3.1   2014-09-16
        Minor adjustments to tests to fix Win32 timeout issue.

0.3.0   2014-09-07
        Added tick and shutdown events to Server.  Added support for watching
        extra filehandles for readability / writability.

0.2.2   2013-10-26
        Added control over max_payload_size via
        connection->new(max_send_size => ...).

0.2.1   2013-09-06
        Switched from getnameinfo() to sock->peerhost() to support older

0.2.0   2013-09-03
        Bugfixes to better support SSL and IPv6; added SSL examples to

0.1.3   2013-06-06
        Minor adjustments to tests to fix BSD timeout issue.

0.1.2   2013-06-04
        Minor bugfixes; adjustment in tests to help track down BSD timeout

0.1.1   2013-06-04
        Minor adjustments to documentation and tests.

0.1.0   2013-05-20
        Initial version of Net::WebSocket::Server, built to be a
        straightforward WebSocket server for Perl without all the extra
        baggage of larger frameworks or event engines.