README - General information about Text::Similarity

    Text-Similarity is a Perl module that allows a user to measure the
    similarity between two strings or two files. There is one method for
    computing similarity supported Text::Similarity::Overlaps, and others
    can be added.

    When using Text::Similarity::Overlaps, text similarity is based on
    counting the number of overlapping words between the two files, and is
    (optionally) normalized by the length of the files.

    The lesk value provided in Text::Similarity::Overlaps is based on
    counting the number of overlapping words and phrases between the two
    files, and is (optionally) normalized by the length of the files.
    Phrasal matches are scored more highly.

    The smallest unit we are considered for matches are white space
    separated strings. 'the cat and the hat' and 'these cats and these hats'
    will only result in similarity between 'and', matches below the word
    level are not measured.

    Each input file is treated as a single string. There are methods
    provided that allow you to write programs that measure files for
    similarity (getSimilarity) and identifying the overlaps present in
    strings (getOverlaps).

    When the distribution is unpacked, several subdirectories are created:

        This directory contains a driver program called
        that can be used to conveniently measure two files for similarity.
        Please see the perldoc for this program for more details.

        This directory contains the Perl modules that do the actual work of
        disambiguation. By default, these files are installed into
        /usr/local/lib/perl5/site_perl/PERL_VERSION (where PERL_VERSION is
        the version of Perl you are using). See the INSTALL file for more

        This directory contains all of the *pod files used to document the
        system. These are processed via pod2text and the output of this is
        placed in the top level directory, although these top level text
        files should be considered read only.

    /t  This directory contains test scripts. These scripts are run when you
        execute 'make test'.

        It includes two formats of stoplist file, one word per line
        (stoplist.txt) and regular expression format (stoplist-nsp.regex).


     Ted Pedersen, University of Minnesota, Duluth
     tpederse at

     Siddharth Patwardhan, University of Utah
     sidd at 

     Satanjeev Banerjee, Carnegie Mellon University
     banerjee at 

     Jason Michelizzi 

     Ying Liu, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
     liux0395 at

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