Revision history for Perl extension Games::QuizTaker.

1.00  Mon Oct 01 13:35:59 2001
	- Original version; created by h2xs 1.20 with options
		-AXn Games::QuizTaker

1.01  Sat Oct 20 19:27:50 2001
	- Added the README file
1.02  Fri Nov 02 11:17:21 2001
	- Located and fixed bug in the test function that kept
	  it from printing all of the questions.

1.03  Thu Nov 15 09:27:58 2001
	- Redesigned object constructor call and added get/set
	  functions for parameters within the object.
		- Changed the name and style of the parameters when
	  	  creating the object
		- Modified to correspond with the above
		- Added a debugging function

	- Modified the POD to correspond with the above changes

1.04  Tue Nov 20 14:25:09 2001
	- Modified the system('clear') call in the test function so
	  that it now will work on either Windows or Unix

	- Added the ability for questions to have more than one answer
		- modified the functions new,load, and test

	- Modified the POD to correspond with the above changes

1.05  Thu Dec  6 15:41:38 2001
	- Added a test to check to see if the $Max_Questions is less
	  than 1 in the generate function. If it is, the module will

1.06  Fri Dec 14 15:45:03 2001
	- Added a _set and _get function for the number of max questions
	  in the generate and test functions. The object will now store
	  the max number within itself in the _Max_Questions parameter.

	- Modified the POD to correspond with the above change

1.07  Mon Jan 14 13:01:52 2002
	- Added the option of turning off the _Final_Score subroutine

	- Modified the POD to correspond with the above change

1.08  Tue Apr  2 14:41:39 2002
	- Corrected the internal _get_Score Function, so that it doesn't
	  throw an error at the end of the quiz

	- Added POD in HTML format for the ActiveState distribution of
	  this module

1.09  Sat Jun  8 23:16:09 2002
	- Modified the AUTOLOAD subroutine

	- Cleaned up some syntax in the test sub-routine

1.091 Thu Jun 20 14:19:01 2002
	- Corrected a typo in the POD

1.10  Wed Jul  3 16:26:00 2002
	- Updated the HTML version of the POD

	- Optimized an if..elsif..else statement within the generate function

1.12  Tue Nov 12 18:00:50 2002
	- Removed some unnecessary variables and modified the calls to the
	  generate and test functions.

	- Made corresponding changes to the POD

	- Made corresponding changes to HTML version of the POD

1.20  Thu Nov 21 11:32:32 2002
	- Renamed the internal get/set methods and made the calls to those
	  methods more object oriented

1.21  Mon Jan  6 14:21:28 2003
	- Discovered a small bug in the load function and fixed it.

1.22  Tue Jan 21 14:52:51 2003
	- Corrected a problem with the Score parameter in the object. It
	  is now undef by default, and will only print out a final score
	  if set.

	- Made the necessary changes in the test script, and added
	  a new test to check for functionality

	- Made corresponding changes to the POD

	- Made corresponding changes to the HTML version of the POD

1.24  Wed Feb  5 10:22:16 2003
	- Fixed a small problem with the Answer_Separator and
	  Answer_Delimiter. Cleaned it up so that the load and
	  test functions will properly split/substitute on whatever
	  is passed as a delimiter.

1.25  Wed Oct 29 12:29:04 2003
	- Re-implemented the tests using the Test::More module

1.26  Fri Jan  2 11:20:10 2004
	- Changed the new and load functions. The "new" function now
	  checks to see if the question delimiter and the answer delimiter
	  are the same, and croaks if they are.

	- Added a new test for the above change, plus some additonal tests
	  to check that all subroutine error functions are working properly

	- Fixed a formatting problem within the pod

1.27  Tue Jan 11 09:23:04 2005
	- Reaccomplished the tests using Test::Harness and added a test for
	  the POD using Test::Pod

2.00  Tue Mar 21 00:06:10 2006
	- New version of the module using the Object::Inside out module.
	- Wrote/modified tests as needed

2.01  Mon May 14 19:46:07 2007
        - Added an answer_sort function that should now allow the user to enter
	  multiple answers in any order and have them match
	- Cosmetic changes to POD

2.011 Sat May 19 18:13:54 2007
        - More cosmetic changes to POD

2.1   Tue Jun 19 19:13:24 2007
        - Added a new test to cover the 'test' function
	- Changed the 'test' function by adding a new inner module called
	  Games::QuizTaker::IO, which has two functions called in and out,
	  to allow for easier testing of the module.
	- Added the global variable $TESTONLY that is only used by the tests