Please note: This file provides a complete, temporally ordered log of
changes that went into every version of Perl.  If you'd like more
detailed information, please consult the comments in the individual
patches posted to the perl5-porters mailing list.  Patches for each
individual change may also be obtained through ftp and rsync--see
pod/perlhack.pod for the details.

For information on what's new in this release, see pod/perldelta.pod.

[The "CAST AND CREW" list has been moved to AUTHORS.]

NOTE: Each change entry shows the change number; who checked it into the
repository; when; description of the change; which branch the change
happened in; and the affected files.  The file lists have a short symbolic

	    !	    modified
	    +	    added
	    -	    deleted
	    +>	    branched (from elsewhere)
	    !>	    merged changes (from elsewhere)

The Message-Ids in the change entries refer to the email messages sent
to the perl5-porters mailing list.  You can retrieve the messages for
example from

Version v5.11.X		Development release working toward v5.12

[ 32643] By: nicholas				   on 2007/12/19  11:25:43
	Log: Record all the changes up to 5.10.0, and ready a new changes file for
     Branch: perl
	  +> Changes5.10
	   ! Changes MANIFEST