2013-06-08  Martin Senger  <martin.senger&#64;gmail.com>

	* Version 0.2.8 released.

	* Fixed tests (some where depending on the order of keys in a

2013-06-03  Martin Senger  <martin.senger&#64;gmail.com>

	* Version 0.2.7 released.

	* Fixed some tests in order to work under Windows (patches
	contributed by GWS@cpan.org).

	* Version 0.2.6 released.

	* Moved to the GitHub repository => bugtracker changed

2012-04-07  Martin Senger  <martin.senger&#64;gmail.com>

	* Version 0.2.5 released

	* Updated distribution (more release and author tests).

	* Fixed testing of external plugins (avoiding the case where the
	invoking perl differs from the default one).

2011-11-16  Martin Senger  <martin.senger&#64;gmail.com>

	* Version 0.2.4 released

	* Fixed (hopefully finally) the parallel access to the report
	files in outputters

2011-10-26  Martin Senger  <martin.senger&#64;gmail.com>

	* Fixed /usr/bin/perl to /usr/bin/env perl in plugins and

2011-10-25  Martin Senger  <martin.senger&#64;gmail.com>

	* Temporary version 0.2.3 released.

	* Fixed some tests.

2011-10-24  Martin Senger  <martin.senger&#64;gmail.com>

	* Temporary version 0.2.2 released.

	* Removing the failing tests.

	* Playing with locking, closing and DESTROY in Output.pm.

2011-10-23  Martin Senger  <martin.senger&#64;gmail.com>

	* Version 0.2.1 released

2011-10-11  Martin Senger  <martin.senger&#64;gmail.com>

	* Fixed mandatory arguments for check_services().

	* Fixed passing filters as a hashref to check_services().

	* Fixed closing output files in outputters in time; adding there
	also autoflushing.

2011-10-10  Martin Senger  <martin.senger&#64;gmail.com>

	* Fixed small bugs in Config.pm and Notifier.pm.

	* Added tests.

	* Fixed sending more emails from a single notifier.

2011-10-08  Martin Senger  <martin.senger&#64;gmail.com>

	* Added timeout option for check-prg.pl plugin.

2011-09-26  Martin Senger  <martin.senger&#64;gmail.com>

	* Version 0.1.0 released